Building up Trust...

Building up trust between your church and your donors is immensely important. If your donors feel that the money they are giving will not be properly used, they will stop giving. Building up this trust is a gradual process, but there are a few things that will really help - trust takes time and patience to build. It also takes energy and effort. We must explain how the money is spent, and what it achieves. We need to show that we spend money wisely and well, and that we spend people’s giving on the things that are important to our church and community. Ultimately, trust grows and is sustained through our behaviour, when people can see us living out our faith, showing love and compassion and respect for everyone, when our actions are consistent with our words. 

Say Thank You!

Saying thank you is one of the most important ways to build trust. It shows to your donor that you are grateful for their donation and this encourages them to give again. 

In a recent survey of nearly 2,000 Anglicans less than a third said they were regularly thanked for their giving. This means that even if you do say thank you, it may not be being heard. 

We strongly suggest that you write to say thank you to your donors at least annually and let them know your latest news. As mentioned below, you can also include information about how the money was used and what your goals for the future might be - make sure you include both numerical information and good news stories. 

You may want to consider having a special service once a year to say thank you for donors, and this is especially helpful when you have a number of beneficiaries who do not usually attend your services. 

n.b. some people will ask for a receipt for their donation, possibly for tax purposes. It is important to give one if asked for, but it is also worth including a thank you letter. 


Let people know their impact

It is important to let people know what you have done with their donations. If you have been raising funds for a particular ministry or project, this can be quite easy, letting them know when the project is completed and including photos and good news stories. 

If they have given to the General Funds, you can say what you have done and achieved over the past year, what you are wanting to do next year. It is also helpful to send a leaflet (one side of A5) explaining graphically what money has come in and what has gone out. 

Lots of little stories

If your church is on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, remember to let people know via these as well. While, you might only want to write to donors once a year, you can keep them updated more frequently through social media. 

Remember a picture speaks a thousand words!

Let the diocesan office know

If you have a particular good news story of giving in your church and the effects this has had, please do let us know at the Diocesan offices. We love to hear your stories and let others know of the wonderful work you are doing. 

You can either contact Chris Boden, our Stewardship Officer, or Sam Setchell, our Director of Communications.

Donor Template Letters
Some template letters to send to your donors
Open Donor Template Letters

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