Schools Work

The idea that Churches and Schools’ can and should work together for the benefit of the child is not new.

Together there should be mutual sharing and understanding of the best ways to communicate with and support Children, young people and families in ongoing nurture, wisdom and Christian understanding. Schools appreciate the experience of Christians to help them with their religious teaching.

How to start links with the local school:

  • See getting started pages: In the Design section work with the school to meet their needs, in the Prepare section I & VII do not apply, V will be provided by the school and their policies should be followed. Follow the school’s policy for Safeguarding.
  • Contact the local school: introduce the church and identify the school’s prayer needs so the church can support them in prayer.
  • Ask where the church can support the school rather than having any set plans.
  • Consider how the church can show love and support to the school

Suggestions for schools’ work:

  • Bake cakes for the staff at the beginning or end of each school term.
  • Use the seasons of the year as ways to support school such as at Easter, Christmas etc, consider offering Experience Journeys.
  • Provide Godly Play sessions, as part of the RE curriculum.
  • Organise a lunchtime club for children and young people to be able to explore Faith and spirituality.
  • Invite the school to visit the church
  • Lead engaging and creative collective worship or Open the Book assemblies.
  • Provide ideas and materials to create prayer spaces.
  • Provide support for children going through transitions – scripture union have materials.

Useful websites to visit:

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