Enabling Giving and Encouraging Generosity

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If you have found your way to this page you are probably one of the many people across the diocese who give of your time and energy to encourage and enable the giving to your church. Your work has always been important, and in these difficult times of pandemic, is more so than ever.


On these pages we will concentrate on financial gifts, but the principles are the same for other forms of giving as well. 

This page will be regularly updated with events, tips and advice to aid and inspire your work. You are welcome to contact Chris Boden the Stewardship & Resources Officer for further support and advice by emailing or calling 07943 326411.



Getting Started

If you or your church are new to Stewardship click here for some ideas on where to begin on this journey.



Latest News & Training

Latest News

- HMRC updates its guidance for churches on claiming Gift Aid can be found here.

- New National Churches Trust (NCT) report ‘The House of Good’ values the economic contribution of churches nationally as £12.5 billion, £2.5 billion of direct economic activity and £10 billion of contribution to the social and wellbeing of the nation. Each £1 income to the church realises more than £3 of identifiable benefit.

- Video instructions on setting up and using an online donations button can be found here.

- ‘Give a Little Premium’ offer extended through 2021, more information here.

Upcoming Training

The National Church are offering free on-line giving and generosity webinars

Wednesday 11 August, 10am - How to have a good Generosity Week 

Monday 23 August, 1pm - How to have a good Generosity Week 

Tuesday 7 September, noon - Environmental Fundraising Opportuinities 

Wednesday 8 September, 2pm - Getting started with Conatactless Giving

Thursday 9 September, noon - How to start Fundraising - Eco Program 

Monday 13 September, 11am - Why people give (and some don't)

Thursday 23 September, 2pm - An introduction to Generosity Toolkit

Thursday 30 September, 2pm - Getting the most out of Give A Little

Monday 25 October, 11am - Funding regular maintenance and urgent repairs

Tuesday 26 October, 2pm - Why people give (and some don't)

Thursday 28 October, noon - Getting started with contactless giving

Wednesday 10 November, 3pm - An introduction to Generosity Toolkit

Thursday 18 November, 11.30am - Getting the most out of Give A Little


Useful Links

- ‘Generosity Week’ – new resources from the national church for use in the Parish. Suitable for use at any time of year. More information here.

Generosity Toolkit

We need to create an enviornment that encourages people to give, and to do this we need to get four things in place, and we can use the acronym MINT for these.


We need a variety of mechanisms to make it easy for people to give the way they want and when they want.

Impact & Need

We need to show people what impact their donation and generosity will have on the church's ministry and mission and tell people about our need as a church and how important it is that they give.


We need to build up people's trust in the church that we will handle their gifts well.

We also need to cultivate a generous culture, where we grow in an understanding of God's generosity towards us. To grow a generous culture there are four areas to focus on, and we can use the acronym IDEA for these.


We need to inspire people through generous leadership and celebrating generosity in the life of the church

Disciple & Embed

We need to disciple members through teaching and learning, so they grow in understanding God's generosity to wards us and embed generosity in our everyday lives and the life of the church, so it flows through all we do..


We need to activate people by providing opportunities for them to grow in generosity.

Getting Started
If you are new to Stewardship, here is the place to start, with getting your congregation to begin thinking about generosity and all that God has given us.
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