Encouraging Generosity and Enabling Giving

Thank you! If you have found your way to this page you are probably one of the many people across the diocese who give of your time and energy to encourage and enable the giving to your church. Your work has always been important, and in these difficult times of pandemic, is more so than ever.

This page will be regularly updated with events, tips and advice to aid and inspire your work. You are welcome to contact Alison Maddocks, the Stewardship Officer for further support and advice on amaddocks@cofe-worcester.org.uk or call 07930 853433.

Children's Work

Make it Easy

When people are ready to give, it needs to be easy to do so. Few donors will come back later, even if they start with the intention to do so. Make it easy for them to give, how they want to, when they want to. We will concentrate here on financial gifts, but the principles are the same for other forms of giving. Find out more, including Parish Giving Scheme, Giving online, by text, contactless and QR code.

Youth Work

Make it Meaningful

People give to causes they believe in. Many regular church attenders don’t give financially to the church as they believe other causes need it more. If you are asking people to give financially or in other ways to your church, make sure they know their giving matters and makes a difference, and remember to say ‘thank you’.

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Children's and Youth Council

Make it Missional

We easily get so caught up in what we see as the work of encouraging giving that we forget to celebrate the gift of giving. Living a generous life is a God given gift. Everything we have is a gift from God; it is a duty and a joy to respond generously. Generosity speaks louder than words as a witness to the gospel.  Kingdom people are generous people.
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Latest information and upcoming events
Make it easy

- Video instructions on setting up and using an online donations button can be found here.

- ‘Give a Little Premium’ offer extended through 2021, more information here.

National Church are offering on-line giving and generosity webinars

Download the schedule or see details below:

Tuesday 2 February, 3pm - Getting started with contactless giving (Also 4/3/21 & 21/4/21)

Friday 5 February at 11am - Receiving Online Donations

Monday 8 February, 2pm - Saving money and increasing income with Parish Buying (Also 16/3/21 & 26/4/21)

Thursday 11 February, 12pm - Getting the most out of Give A Little (Also 25/3/21 & 11/5/21)

Wednesday 17 February, 3pm - Getting the most out of your contactless unit (Also 9/3/21)

Thursday 4 March, 12pm - Getting started with contactless giving (Also 21/4/21)

Friday 5 March, 11am - An introduction to Gift Aid (Also 23/3/21 & 13/5/21)

Tuesday 9 March, 12pm - Getting the most out of your contactless unit

Tuesday 16 March, 10am - Saving money and increasing income with Parish Buying (Also 26/4/21)

Tuesday 23 March, 2pm - An introduction to Gift Aid (Also 13/5/21)

Thursday 25 March, 10am - Getting the most out of Give A Little (Also 11/5/21)

Wednesday 21 April, 2.30pm - Getting started with contactless giving

Monday 26 April, 12pm - Saving money and increasing income with Parish Buying

Tuesday 11 May, 10.30am - Getting the most out of Give A Little

Thursday 13 May, 12pm - An introduction to Gift Aid

Make it meaningful

- New National Churches Trust (NCT) report ‘The House of Good’ values the economic contribution of churches nationally as £12.5 billion, £2.5 billion of direct economic activity and £10 billion of contribution to the social and wellbeing of the nation. Each £1 income to the church realises more than £3 of identifiable benefit.

National Church are offering on-line giving and generosity webinars

Download the schedule or see details below:

Thursday 28 January, 10.30am - An introduction to the Generosity Toolkit (Also 19/2/21 & 19/4/21)

Monday 1 February, 11am - How to run a Giving Review (Also 3/321 & 7/5/21)

Monday 8 February, 10.30am - Getting started with legacy giving (Also 12/3/21 & 27/4/21)

Friday 19 February, 2pm - An introduction to the Generosity Toolkit (Also 19/4/21)

Friday 26 February, 11am - Communicating legacy giving in your church (16/3/21 & 29/4/21)

Monday 1 March, 1.30pm - Sharing your giving message online (Also 15/4/21 & 13/5/21)

Tuesday 2 March, 10.30am - Giving in the wider community (Also 28/4/21)

Wednesday 3 March, 2pm - How to run a giving review (Also 7/5/21)

Friday 12 March, 12pm - Getting started with legacy giving (Also 27/4/21)

Monday 15 March, 2pm - Running a successful Generosity Fika (coffee morning) (Also 13/4/21 & 17/5/21)

Tuesday 16 March, 2pm - Communicating legacy giving in your church (Also 29/4/21)

Monday 12 April, 11am - Why people give (and why some don’t) 

Tuesday 13 April, 10.30am - Running a successful Generosity Fika (coffee morning) (Also 17/5/21)

Thursday 15 April, 12pm - Sharing your giving message online (Also 13/5/21)

Monday 19 April, 2.30pm - An introduction to the Generosity Toolkit

Thursday 22 April, 12pm - Getting the most out of your contactless unit

Tuesday 27 April, 3pm - Getting started with legacy giving

Wednesday 28 April, 10am - Giving in the wider community

Thursday 29 April, 10am - Communicating legacy giving in your church

Friday 7 May, 11.30am - How to run a giving review

Thursday 13 May, 2pm - Sharing your giving message online

Monday 17 May, 2pm - Running a successful Generosity Fika (coffee morning)

Make it missional

- ‘Generosity Week’ – new resources from the national church for use in the Parish. Suitable for use at any time of year. More information here.

- Revd Martha Weatherill will lead a set of webinars specifically for clergy exploring discipleship materials to help grow generosity; more information.

- Lent 2021 - Creating a New Communion: Exploring how generosity, gratitude, giving and fundraising call us into communion with God and with one another. 23 February, 02, 09, 16 23 March. More information.

National Church are offering on-line giving and generosity webinars

Download the schedule or see details below:

Monday 1 February, 2pm - The Theology of Giving (Also 10/3/21 & 5/521)

Tuesday 16 February, 10.30am - Tales of Generosity (Also 24/4/21 & 20/5/21)

Wednesday 10 March, 2pm - The Theology of Giving ( Also 5/5/21)

Tuesday 23 March, 11am - What does our congregation think about giving? (Also 23/4/21 & 10/5/21)

Wednesday 24 March, 2pm - Tales of Generosity (Also 20/5/21)

Wednesday 5 May, 2.30pm - The theology of giving

Monday 10 May, 11am - What does out congregation think about giving?

Thursday 20 May, 2.30-3.30pm - Tales of Generosity

Quick Links

You should find everything you need under the three headings above, but here are some quick links to specific areas.

Parish Giving Scheme

Parish Giving Scheme

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Contactless Giving

Contactless Giving

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Online Giving

Online Giving

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QR Code Giving

QR Code Giving

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Text Giving

Text Giving

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