Retired clergy & bereaved clergy partners

The network of retired clergy and that of bereaved clergy partners (previously widows and widowers) is administered by two Deans of Retired Clergy:

  • Canon Judith Oliver (archdeaconry of Dudley): 07903 104862
  • The Venerable Chris Liley (archdeaconry of Worcester): 01386 561608 and 07527252750

Judith and Chris are assisted by two associates:

  • Fiona Rice (working with Chris)
  • Michael Willows (working with Judith).

Both groups of people are invited to join in an Annual Eucharist at the Cathedral, an occasional summer event, an educational/spiritual event in the autumn and a Christmas Lunch.

Pastoral Care is seen as belonging within the Parishes and Deaneries where the retireds and bereaved partners reside. The officers continue to be available for specific problems which any may face; they can offer advice on financial and housing matters as a first place of call.

The Area Deans have been acquainted with our outline policy of working which states:

  1. The natural focus of care belongs to parishes within their deaneries. To better ensure this is a function operates, the Deans will communicate with Rural Deans, requesting also that at least one Chapter meeting or social event per annum has an express invitation to the retired clergy in their deanery. Many Deaneries offer much more but we believe this is the anticipated minimum.
  2. The Deans’ role of pastoral care is primarily as a point of contact and communication, seeking to make the appropriate connections when situations of need arise, when new clergy arrive in the diocese or when a member dies.

Contact either Judith or Chris in the first instance to discuss any of the matters above.

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