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Kidderminster West Nativity Celebrations

This year marks 800 years since St. Francis of Assisi created the first-ever nativity scene in Greccio, Italy. It is believed Francis’ inspiration to do a live representation of the birth of Jesus came from his time in the Holy Land. Seeing the holy sites of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection made them feel more real to Francis and he wanted to recreate that experience for those who were not able to travel there.

On his way back from Rome in December 1223, Francis and Giovanni Velita, the lord of Greccio, set up a cave with live animals and a hay-filled manger. People flocked to see the candle-lit scene during the Christmas Mass.

Since then, nativity scenes have become commonplace in churches, buildings, and homes throughout the Advent and Christmas season. To mark the 800th anniversary, the team in Kidderminster West have planned a series of events. This includes a nativity trail, alongside encouraging schools and craft groups to create their own nativity scenes that can be shared with others.

Christ born for us, Son of God, given for us, help us to know you, to worship and to serve you. Amen.

Pershore and Evesham Deanery Leadership Team: Jackie Knight, Jack Hegarty, Alison Sandham

Southwell and Nottingham: Bishop Paul Williams with Bishop Andy Emerton (Sherwood)
Borg (Norway): Bishop Kari Mangrud Alfsvåg
The Church of Pakistan (United): Archbishop Azad Marshall
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