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When encouraging people to give we need to provide the right mechanisms if they are to be generous. The easier it is to give, and the more ways we offer to give, the more likely people are to give. Those entering the building need a different way to give than those giving on-line. ‘Lockdown’ has changed people’s habits and attitudes. Offer as many means of giving as you can. Every church should think about:

Regular Givers

The best route for giving for regular givers is the Parish Giving Scheme. Every church should consider making this available. A video introduction to the scheme for donors can be found here. There are many benefits to the PGS, both for your church and for the donor and these are detailed in the webpage above.

Throughout the Bible we are reminded that generosity is part of our discipleship, part of the way we worship God. Each member of our church should be encouraged to give prayerful consideration to their level of giving which should be significant to their domestic budget. No one should give more than they can sensibly afford and no one should give to God out of just the leftovers, the unnoticed surplus of their expenditure.

Regular givers should be encouraged to give directly through the bank as this ensures that it is part of their personal budget, helps the church to receive a regular income and avoids the unnecessary handling of cash and associated costs.  

Donations in Church

Those coming into the church building for whatever reason are often moved to want to give. This is important not only as a source of funds but because it is their response to the work of God in their life. There is a recognition of something important about the place whose purpose is worship. We need to make it meaningful and easy.

Even before Covid, the place of cash was diminishing. Now many people are no longer carrying cash. They look for contactless card machines or want to use their phone to make a donation. There are now lots of contactless card machine options available, details and special deals can be found through Parish Buying. For mobile 'phone giving, your church can now have its own QR code which you can add to any printed material, such as your newsletters, service sheets, pew slips and posters.

Donations online

During 2020 we have seen the church changing almost beyond recognition. Much of what we do and how we do it has had to change. People now expect to see their local church online as well as physically and there is a new willingness to make online donations if the cause is right.

Every church now has the facility to have an online ‘donate now’ button through the ‘A Church Near You’ page, you just need to activate it! Full details of how to add your donate button to your website or ‘A Church Near You’ page can be found here.



Parish Giving Scheme
The most effective approach to regular giving in the parish.
Open Parish Giving Scheme

Contactless Giving
It is now possible for every church to be able to consider the possibility of contactless giving.
Open Contactless Giving

Online Giving
Putting a ‘donate now’ button on your church website or ‘A Church Near You’ page is easy. Look here for lots of help.
Open Online Giving

Legacies can be a major factor in the ability of a parish to look after its buildings and pursue its mission. They demonstrate the importance of the church in the donor's life and celebrate their generosity beyond death.
Open Legacies

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