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Find details and contact information for the Diocesan Finance Team here.

The Coronavirus pandemic have resulted in considerable financial concerns for both individuals and parishes. 

Some people are facing very serious financial difficulties and need expert help quickly. For ideas about where people can go for support please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Equally, many people’s financial circumstances are actually relatively unchanged. There is uncertainty about the future but for many their outgoings are currently reduced and there is a real desire to continue to feel connected and do all that they can to help. We need to ensure that people understand the importance of their giving to the church at this time. 

Ensuring that the church is able to offer ministry and support and that clergy can be paid is essential. The buildings may be closed but the church is not. Clergy are still working and there is no government support available. Template letters for writing to donors can be found on this page. These need to be personalised to ensure they tell your church’s story.

Enabling giving
Where people usually give to the church in cash, it is important to seek ways of enabling them to give by other means.
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Church Finances
The closure of buildings has impacted cash collections, premises hire fees, fundraising events etc and has significantly reduced the income of most churches. To manage this effectively it is important to consider both income and expenditure.
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Financial advice for people facing difficulties
People struggling with sudden financial uncertainty need proper financial advice. The following organisations may be able to help.
Open Financial advice for people facing difficulties

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