Church and Community - Knowing your place

Anglicans have always had a particular commitment to place. This is reflected in the parish system, and our Church’s continuing commitment to be a church for the whole community. We are interested in addressing the needs and desires, the hopes and fears, and the joys and sorrows of those who are not, or not yet, our members, as well as those who are.

Kingdom People

In our diocesan Kingdom People vision this is particularly reflected in these characteristics:

3. Equipped to witness to the gospel of love, compassion, justice and freedom
7. Ready to engage with and serve our community
8. Committed to making our buildings fit for purpose as a spiritual and community resource

If, as a result of doing the Kingdom People “health check” exercise, your parish is thinking about its priorities, (some people refer to this as “mission action planning” others talk about a parish development plan) then it is well worthwhile to take a fresh look at the place where you are. You will find it easier to be clear-sighted about your “place” if you also consult those outside your active church membership.

If your Church is seeking to adapt or re-order a church building so it is more suitable for community use, then identifying the local opportunities and needs is vital. For this sort of project – and all the more so if you will be seeking grants – it is essential to consult the local community.

This section of the website suggests six basic ways of getting to know your place, starting with some exercises you can do among yourselves as a church, and then moving on to some simple methods of consulting your community.

Especially with the fifth and sixth items, you may find it worthwhile to advertise and encourage feedback using a Twitter hashtag, e.g. #StMungoSurvey

Six basic ways to know your place

The Desk Based Survey

How to present key figures for housing, income, ethnicity, age-groups and poverty indicators.

The Parish Map

Creating a parish map

The Parish Walk

It can be very enlightening to walk the streets of the parish in pairs or groups.

Consulting the professionals

Getting their input into the picture can have huge benefits. 

The Community Consultation drop-in

Running a consultation drop-in can offer those who live or work in the community a real chance to have a say in a way which is convenient.

The Street Survey

Doing a simple questionnaire on the streets can be a very valuable way of advertising your presence and getting a range of responses.

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