Pathways for Kingdom Living

What is "Pathways for Kingdom Living"?

Pathways for Kingdom Living is a simple framework for anyone who wants to reflect on how they are trying to be a more faithful Christian. There are three broad routes through this framework, and which pathway you take depends on you and what’s available in your parish.

Three routes

All three routes are based on an appreciation of the gifts God has given you. They use a short (21 item) questionnaire to help get you thinking. You can supplement that with your own self-awareness. 

Then, you are invited to reflect on how you might make more use of those gifts, for God, for others and for yourself, using one of the three pathways.

  1. The first route is structured round a daily or weekly personal time of reflection that you build into your daily or weekly routine.
  2. The second route invites you to either reflect with a friend, or with a designated companion your church helps you find, perhaps every two to three months, for up to a year.
  3. The third route invites you to explore forming a small group with others, meeting together every four to six weeks for mutual support.

Download the Resources

Here are the main resources for Pathways for Kingdom Living. 

Pathways for Kingdom Living

The main booklet explaining each of the pathways in more detail, and suggestion patterns for both the personal and group reflections. The gifts questionnaire is on the centre pages of this booklet.

Pathways for Kingdom Living: Gifts Questionnaire

A separate copy of the gifts questionnaire on its own is available:

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