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Our clergy are amazing, but COVID-19 means we need help to continue to meet the costs of their stipends.

The challenge

As churches and church halls remain closed, parishes are having a reduced income. This means some may have to reduce their ‘Parish Share’ contributions, which largely pay for our clergy. The Diocesan Board of Finance has a limited ability to make up the shortfall. 

We need to continue to pay our clergy and support staff throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This central fund is for anyone who wishes to contribute to stipend and wage costs.

Can you help?

Please continue to support your local church as your first priority. 

However, if in addition to this, you are able to give to the ‘Diocese of Worcester Ministry Fund’, your donation will be used to help pay for our clergy now and in the coming months. The ministry of clergy is so important at this moment for both those in the church and in our communities. They are hard at work and therefore the church receives no support from the government to pay for them. Can you help?

The aim

Our initial target is to raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of one priest for one year. Fully costed, this is about £64,000 (this includes training costs). Every gift of £20, £50 or £100 will make a real difference.

Some clergy are in the fortunate position not to need a full stipend. We are grateful to all those who have offered to take a reduced stipend in the present crisis. However, reducing stipends is a very difficult process to manage, so please do consider contributing to this fund instead.

The more we raise, the less we will need from our churches. Please give now, as generously as you feel able, to ensure that we offer the love of God to as many people as we can at this time.


If you would prefer to send a donation by cheque, please make it payable to: 'Worcester DBF' and mark it clearly for the Diocese of Worcester Ministry Fund. This should then be sent to: Diocese of Worcester Ministry Fund, 16 Lowesmoor Wharf, Worcester, WR1 2RS.

Page last updated: Thursday 19th August 2021 2:42 PM
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