Diocesan Staff

Contact details for DBF teams and employees.

Diocesan Secretary's Team
The Diocesan Secretary acts as the CEO of the Worcester Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd (WDBF) and works closely with the Bishop of Worcester and the Chair of the WDBF to lead the mission and ministry of the Diocese in Worcestershire and Dudley as well as ensuring its financial stability.
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Finance team
These are the people who help manage the Diocesan Finances, and help parishes with their money.
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Communications team
The Comms team is responsible for external and internal communications within the diocese.
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Church buildings team
Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC): help with maintaining church & churchyard, faculty petitions, guidance and grants.
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Parsonages and Facilities team
The Parsonages team are the first point of contact for if something happens to one of the vicarages / parsonages that belong to the diocese.
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Education Team
There are 100 church schools in the diocese, which covers Dudley and Worcestershire Local Authorities. The Education Team offers programmes and resources to all schools in the area.
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Ministry and Discipleship Team
This team is responsible for providing pathways into various kinds of ministry, in-service training opportunities, and deepening Christian discipleship.
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HR team
The HR Administrators’ responsibilities include administration associated with the terms under which clergy hold their Office (Common Tenure).
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Safeguarding team
The Diocese of Worcester is committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults to worship and grow in Christ safely.
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Smaller Churches
Contact details for the Dean of Smaller Churches.
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