Your Baptism Journey

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Research has identified that 9 out of 10 families expect the church to be in touch after their child’s Baptism. ‘Your Baptism Journey’ has been designed to help churches to meet this expectation. Each of the resources links a popular, secular children’s storybook to a Christian theme.

By forwarding the resource each month the church or parish will help the baptism families understand a little more about what Christians believe. The resource includes a Bible passage, activity suggestions linked to the story or the Biblical theme and a prayer for the family to use. A second prayer is included, to enable the Diocese and the local church to pray for baptism families.

There are 48 resources in total. Near the 1st of each month, the Diocese will forward that month’s resource to the parish contact by email; this is then forwarded to the families that have agreed that the church can stay in touch with them. It is recommended that the church also use this email to invite families to one thing each month that would be relevant to them as a family to attend.

How to start using ‘Your Baptism Journey’ with baptism families:

  • Decide who will be the point of contact in the church.
  • Compile a group email list of baptism families who have agreed the church can be in touch (this must be emailed as a bcc (blind carbon copy) so as not to share other people’s emails).
  • Email Simon Hill to join the Diocese mailing list.
  • Consider writing to the baptism families to introduce them to the resource (sample letter can be found here)
  • We are happy for the resource to be used however it can best serve the community. Which could include: toddler groups, toddler praise sessions, (see Little Seeds), or buying some of the books to create a library, where both the resource and the book could be borrowed.
  • Watch this video to find out more and scroll down to view all the resources!


Download the resources

Click on the book title to download a PDF, the theme is listed alongside the title.

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