8. Committed to making our buildings fit for purpose as a spiritual and community resource.

Our churches are sometimes seen as a burden and some can be. However, if they are made fit for purpose, most can be a wonderful blessing both to worshipping communities and wider society. 

Too many churches are locked for all but a couple of hours a week when they could be a vital spiritual and community resource. We should seek to do what we can to enable them to be used to their full potential for the praise of God and the common good. 


Bishop John has urged all PCCs to arrange to leave their churches open all day and every day to provide a welcome in the name of Christ to all comers and convey to them something of the love of God. 


Those who unlock and lock the church might be encouraged to pray a prayer as they do so. Others may make more use of the church for daily services like Morning Prayer or Compline. 

Sensitively adapted 

On the ChurchCare website there is some very good advice for those seeking to adapt their church building. 

Visitors to the church 

Churches should develop a strategy for encouraging and welcoming visitors.

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