Spirituality Connexions

Previously the Spirituality Network, Spirituality Connexions organises Gatherings for anyone and everyone to deepen their prayer and grow in spiritual maturity.

We also coordinate the work of the diocesan community of Spiritual Directors through our Synergy meetings and also to match requests for a Spiritual Director.

You can download a pdf leaflet here if you are interested in having a Spiritual Director or find out more below.

We hope to keep expanding our work because Christian life all about deep our roots in prayer and Growing our Souls. 

Mary Flitcroft is the diocesan Spirituality Advisor and she can be contacted here.

Can I have a Spiritual Director?

Yes! Anyone can have a spiritual director, or soul friend. You don’t have to pass a test or be a certain sort of person. Everyone can benefit from having a spiritual companion, a prayer guide. All you need is the desire to start out on the next part of your journey…. Spirituality Connexions is an open network for all who want to grow in prayer and spirituality. We meet at Spirituality Gatherings three or four times a year around the diocese. We coordinate our Community of Spiritual Directors and act as intermediaries between those looking for a spiritual companion and those offering to be companions.

What phase of prayer is next for you?

A Spiritual Director is not there to tell you what to do, or judge you, or insist on a particular course of action. They will listen, encourage, question, maybe gently challenge, or point to sources of wisdom. They don’t try to solve problems or even answer all your questions! They are journeying themselves and you travel this part of your journey together. They can help you discern for yourself where God is leading you in Christ.

Discovering Spiritual Direction

Christians don’t just worship Christ, they walk with Christ. Following Christ means discovering that Christ has drawn us into himself. St Paul calls this being in Christ. We walk in and with Christ. Spiritual Directors are fellow travellers who are in Christ like us and together we explore the path beneath our feet as Christ leads us home.

Are you beginning to ask questions like these….

  • How can I deepen my experience prayer?
  • What does God want of my life?
  • Why is it so hard to bridge the gap
  • between my prayers and my daily life?
  • How can I discover a deeper experience of God?
  • How can I become a more committed disciple of Christ?
  • Where is God at work in my life?

Working with a Spiritual Director can help you begin to answer, for yourself, these kind of questions.

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