Heating, lighting and powering our churches, church halls and homes produces a significant proportion of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions - 27% comes from domestic energy use.

When the previous Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, launched Shrinking the Footprint, he said the most simple, but important steps were to change to low energy light bulbs and fit draught excluders around the church. Simple, inexpensive steps should be looked at before bigger, costly solutions and the list of suggestions below is ordered accordingly.

Switching to a green electricity supplier is a simple step that has already been taken at the diocesan offices but it is more expensive. So give priority to reducing energy use through insulation, draft proofing and energy efficiency. Reduced energy use may provide the savings to pay the higher tariff for a green supply.

Action for PCCs to consider

  • Using low energy lighting
  • Timetable meetings to minimise heat use
  • Insulation and draft proofing
  • How existing heating equipment can be used more efficiently
  • e.g. thermostats and timers, regular maintenance
  • Review frequency and purpose of floodlighting and look at more efficient systems
  • Switching to green electricity
  • New, more efficient heating system
  • Investigating solar/photovoltaic panels and wind turbines (high capital cost may be offset by savings and the guaranteed feed-in tariff)
  • Actions for individuals to consider

Using low energy lighting

  • Insulating and draft proofing
  • Switching off equipment rather than leave on standby
  • Putting thermostats on a lower setting, using programmable room thermostats to set different temperatures for different times of day, heating for shorter periods
  • Choosing low energy appliances when replacement is necessary
  • Switching to green electricity
  • Investigating solar/photovoltaic panels and wind turbines

What the strategy says about Energy

Turn to page 7 in the Diocesan Environmental Stategy document.

Further information

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