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John Fitzmaurice (3 May 2023)

What is the difference bewteen vocation and a destiny or duty? A reflection from John Fitzmaurice, Director of Ordinands and Vocation.

Alison Maddocks (25 April 2023)

The Holy Land, Hollwood and the King's Coronation - find out how the three are connected in this week's video reflection by Alison Maddocks, Dean of Smaller Churches.

Easter Message 2023

An Easter message from the Bishop of Worcester, filmed whilst in the Holy Land. The Bishop reminds us that the Easter story always gives us hope in a difficult world. Happy Easter!

Living Well With Failure - A Lent reflection from Paul Latham

Paul Latham reflects on living well with failure in this week's Lent reflection. Paul runs Cradley Heath Community Link.

Failure - A Lent reflection by Jonathan Kimber

"Failure is in the eye of the beholder, and Jesus offers a radical and a generously different view." Jonathan Kimber offers a Lent reflection on failure.

Understanding Sin - A Lent Reflection from Claire Lording

In this week's Lent video, Claire Lording reflects on understanding sin.

What is failure? A Lent Reflection from the Archdeacon of Dudley.

During Lent, we will be following The Church of England's weekly #DustAndGlory themes. Our weekly video reflections will encourage us to take a fresh look at the frustrations and failings that every day brings and, rather than pretending we can always avoid them, seek to learn from them and grow closer to God through them. In this week's video, Archdeacon Nikki reflects on failure, what it means and how we should embrace it.

Bishop John's Lent Appeal 2023

Bishop John’s Lent Appeal in 2023 will be for the Anglican Diocese of Peru. As a country, Peru has had a very turbulent few years. It had one of the world’s highest Covid mortality rates and has experienced considerable political unrest. Strict lockdowns and the financial implications have had a major impact on the Anglican Church. Paying stipends has been difficult, leading to many clergy having to have additional jobs. These pressures have naturally limited what can be done in terms of ministry and mission in poor areas experiencing multiple problems. Our support helps them in these difficult times. To read more and to make a donation, please visit:

Racial Justice Sunday 2013

Racial Justice Sunday is on 12 February this year. It offers an opportunity for all churches to reflect on the importance of racial justice, to give thanks for diversity, and to commit to end racism and acts of discrimination.

Grateful Reflection on Volunteering (Doug Chaplin, 1 February 2023)

Doug Chaplin gives grateful thanks for all those who give their time and skills for the church.

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