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Christmas messages from our bishops

Published: 20th December 2022

The Bishop of Worcester’s Christmas message 2022

Bishop JohnI’ve got power on my mind at the moment, for a number of reasons. The recent cold spell has meant the power we need to heat our homes has been in the news, as has the worry of paying for it. Across the globe many people don’t have that power: I think particularly of Ukraine, where people are suffering in much colder temperatures than we have experienced here. And then there’s the power of President Putin who caused all the difficulties, and other malign leaders. They want to throw their power around and inflict their will on others, causing immense suffering as they do so.

When we think of power, we tend to think of such world leaders who force their power on others, sometimes by violence. But actually, the greatest power in the universe, the ultimate power, is not violence but love. At Christmas, we see the truth of that revealed once again when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. God came to us as a vulnerable child to show us the depths of his love. It is by love that we shall be saved, the love of Jesus, not by the power of any world leader, good or evil, or any power of our own.

My hope and prayer for you this Christmas is that you will be embraced by that love, the greatest power in all creation, and that you’ll be given the will and the means to share that love in your life.

Happy Christmas!

Bishop John 

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The Bishop of Dudley’s Christmas message 2022

Bishop MartinIt's jolly cold as I write this but I’m not sure that we’ll be having a white Christmas! Many people across Dudley are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, feeling the cold, but afraid to turn up the heating. It will be a bleak mid - winter for many this Christmas, even as our foodbanks, warms spaces and other fabulous volunteer groups do all they can to bring food, and warmth and friendship to all who are in need. Many charities are facing their own cost of giving crisis as needs go up but giving goes down. Everyone is feeling the squeeze.

At Christmas, in churches up and down the land, we celebrate God’s gift of himself to us in Jesus. I hope you’ll find your way to a church service this year. Born in Bethlehem. Known as Emmanuel, or God with us. The cost of giving for Jesus was great. Born in a stable, far from his home, finally rejected, misunderstood and put to death on a cross. The cost of giving for Jesus was total.

This is who we celebrate at Christmas. Not a far-off God, but God with us, God in our midst. In church or at work, at school or wherever we are. Jesus is real, and Jesus brings God’s love. Costing nothing, but worth everything. The greatest gift of all.

Snow or no snow… I wish you a Happy Christmas!

Bishop Martin

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