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Called to Action - Green IT

Published: 16th February 2021

I.T. saves 100s of tons of C02 but it also creates its own, in manufacture and use. Behind an email is a whole infrastructure– the energy used and what it takes to transmit and store data. The internet accounts for around 300 million tons of CO2e a year.

1 email = 5g (CO2e), with an attachment = 50g
For an average email user = 136kg a year (equivilent to a 200 mile car journey)

Useful suggestions:

  • Switch off at the mains rather than leaving on standby wherever possible. Switching off all appliances can save £35 per year on energy bills

  • Cut out unnecessary emails and Reply All when not required. Delete emails which are not required any more.

  • When replacing consider refurbished appliances, and if new look out for Energy ratings & HP Carbon Footprint calculator for printers.

  • Learn how to configure the power settings on your computer for optimal energy usage, and switch off when not using for periods of time.

  • Switching off the video whenever not needed on video calls like Zoom, reduces internet energy use (and can improve sound quality).

Useful links:

Supporting Eco Church: Buildings 19, Community &Global Engagement 11, Lifestyle 4, 5, 6 and 7


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