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A refelction for Easter Monday

"Whatever we face over the coming weeks as we remain in lock down and hear sad news of many more virus related deaths, we face it knowing that Jesus is with us. We are never alone."

Easter Eucharist from Worcester Cathedral

A special digital Easter Sunday Eucharist with Bishop John and others.

A reflection from Bishop Martin on Holy Saturday

Bishop Martin reflects on Holy Saturday, a solemn day when we can stop and be present with Jesus and wait by the tomb.

A reflection from Bishop John on Good Friday

Bishop John reflects on Good Friday outside Worcester Cathedral, a building which has seen hundreds of Good Fridays, but none quite like this one.

Bishop John reflects on the value of service

This Maundy Thursday, everything is different because of the pandemic. However, across the country the unchanging value of serving our fellow humans is being rediscovered. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we see so many people stepping up and selflessly serving others. It is the model Jesus gives at his Last Supper, the model the Queen has embodied for so many years, and it is the model we see all around us as so many people, in work – especially in the NHS – and as volunteers, selflessly serve those who are in need.

A video reflection from Bishop Martin

The Bishop of Dudley, recalling his own experience of bereavement, reflects on the dark days of Jesus' last week before his crucifixion, and particularly on the character of Judas.

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