Contactless Giving

We all know that we are using less and less cash. Often people would be more than happy to make a donation if the right means were available. It is now possible for every church to be able to consider the possibility of contactless giving. For further information please visit the Parish Buying website.

Comparative information to help you choose the best machine can be downloaded here, but do check the Parish Buying website for the most up to date information, this is a rapidly changing field. If you have no phone signal or wi-fi you are currently limited to 'Payacharity - Acceptacard' or 'GBx Core from GoodBox'. 

If you are interested in digital giving or have any other questions, please contact: Alison Maddocks 07930 853433.

April 2019

Page last updated: 7th January 2021 12:04 PM
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