Transport accounts for about 30% of UK carbon dioxide emissions.

Car travel for church meetings and to worship contributes to this. People obviously want to chose how they move and in some parts of the diocese public transport isn't very good. However, emissions can be cut by giving lifts or using cars for only part of a journey. Significant savings can be made if cars are not used for short journeys. These use proportionately more fuel and 40% of UK car journeys are less than 3 miles.

Action for PCCs to consider

  • developing a travel plan which looks at car sharing and other ways of getting people to church and to meetings
  • reduce the number of meetings
  • consider setting up a carbon offset scheme for parishioners to use on a voluntary basis
  • displaying travel information

Actions for individuals to consider

  • cycle or walk when possible
  • use public transport
  • car sharing
  • avoid short car journeys
  • drive smart to minimise fuel consumption and save money
  • avoid or reduce air travel

What the strategy says about Transport

Turn to page 14 in the Diocesan Environmental Stategy document.

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