Faith Through Films

‘Faith through films’ has been designed to enable a relevant way for young people to engage with the Christian faith. The resource provides links to God through films to help them think about Christianity and how faith impacts their everyday lives.

Each resource provides a Bible passage, a link to the film trailer, a paragraph on how themes from the film link to Christian themes, personal challenge suggestions and a prayer.

Screen 1

Screen 1

There are twelve films used in Screen 1. The films used in this category are classified as U (universal) or PG (parental guidance) by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). Enter Screen 1.

Everyday Faith

Screen 2

There are twelve films used in Screen 2. The films used in this category are classified as U, PG or 12 (suitable for 12 years or over) by the BBFC.
Enter Screen 2.

How to start ‘Faith through films’:

  • Decide who will be the church point of contact.
  • Ask parents if the church may keep in touch with the young people via them.
  • Locate the resources on this page and forward it via email ensuring bcc (blind carbon copy) is used.
  • Each resource identifies which film classification it has received from BBFC. A decision is needed as to whether the films and the resources are appropriate for the young people receiving these resources.
  • Introduce the resource to the young people the first time it is forwarded, explaining the children or young people should watch the film (or trailer if there is no access to the actual film), then read the resource, actioning and reflecting on the personal challenge, ending with praying the prayer.
  • The resource could be used in Sunday morning worship or church work specifically with KS2 and KS3, Screen 1 could also be used within a Café church setting.
  • Encouraging the children and young people to keep a journal alongside this resource to note their thoughts and prayers could be beneficial to their spiritual, moral and social development.
  • Please feel free to use the resource in whatever way it is most useful.

Download the Project Policy and Guidance document.

Screen 1

Faith through Films - Screen 1

Screen 2

Faith through Films - Screen 2

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