Getting Started

Many churches have started with a small group of concerned people keen to take the environmental agenda forward. It's best if the group is recognised or appointment by the Parochial Church Council.

Action for PCCs to consider

  • The basic start up steps for a group or PCC are:
  • Take stock of the current situation
  • Make plans for change
  • Give priority to inexpensive energy saving measures
  • See also the suggested actions under each theme in the preceding pages and the local church recommendation below.

Actions for individuals to consider

  • Take stock of your current household situation and personal transport arrangements
  • Make plans for change
  • Give priority to inexpensive energy saving measures

What the strategy says about Getting Started

Turn to page 22 in the Diocesan Environmental Stategy document.

A local church recommends

The following recommendation for getting started came from Fladbury, a village church in this diocese:

Appoint a small group to -

  • complete an environmental check of where the church stands at present
  • make a list of changes to be made to be more sustainable, both in church and in personal lifestyle, starting with some more easily attainable goals, and progressing to more complex changes
  • arrange meetings to share experiences and suggestions for improvement - and some fun targets for young and old
  • provide notices and check lists both in the church and for personal use at home
  • give opportunities for people to learn more about the affects of climate change further afield and continuing ways of helping people, both here and abroad, to overcome the problems they are causing and experiencing

Further information

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