Design, Construction and Development

Informed design includes considering sustainability and an environmental audit is a desirable step in producing proposals for change. Discussions with architects, consultants and contractors should give environmental issues due prominence.

For our existing places of worship, the accepted criteria for residential and commercial buildings are difficult to apply, especially on listed heritage buildings. However, advice on what might be appropriate and worthwhile is available from the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches.

Environmental concerns may also influence the way we clean and maintain property.

Action for PCCs and individuals to consider

  • Suggestions on the Energy page
  • Use environmentally friendly materials, including for painting and cleaning
  • Environmental impact of any proposed alterations or extension
  • Collection of water from roofs for watering churchyards or toilet flushing
  • Double or secondary glazing where permissible

What the strategy says about Design, Construction and Development

Turn to page 9 in the Diocesan Environmental Stategy document.

Further information

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