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May's Daily Prayer

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1 May 2021Growing as Kingdom People

As lockdown measures hopefully continue to ease, help us to share hope throughout our communities; showing the love of Jesus in all that we do.

British Columbia (Canada): Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee
2 May 2021Vocations Sunday

Please pray for an increase in vocations to diverse kinds of ministry, that we may truly live the gift of being Kingdom People.

Last Sunday was Vocations Sunday and it took place this year in a very different context to even 12 months ago. As the Church and nation slowly begin to emerge from lockdown, we turn our attention to what the postCovid Church might look like and indeed what the new social contract that needs to emerge in our nation might involve.

More than ever, the Church and the world need people who are holy, wise, and competent to work with each other in helping to shape that future under God. We need people, called by God, to live generously and sacrificially, living out the implications of their faith and offering all that they are in the service of God’s purposes in society and in creation.

These people will be lay and ordained, paid and unpaid, sharing the common commitment to allowing themselves to be transformed by God, so that God can use them in God’s transformation of the world.

Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO): John Fitzmaurice

Prayer for our Baptism Families: Lord, we thank you for those parents who have brought their children to be baptised into Your body. Help
them to demonstrate to their children what it means to help and serve one another, as a part of the body of Christ. Amen.

Southwark: Bishop Christopher Chessun with Bishops Richard Cheetham (Kingston), Jonathan Clark (Croydon), Karowei Dorgu (Woolwich)
Björgvin (Norway): Bishop Halvor Nordhaug
The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & the Middle East: Bishop Michael Augstine Owen Lewis
3 May 2021Gornal & Sedgley Team Ministry

Pray for the four church councils as we seek to lead the people of God and serve him in mission as Kingdom People. Give thanks for our strong and growing ecumenical relationships. Clergy: Guy Hewlett, Catherine Mitchell; Reader: Jan Humphries

Central Buganda (Uganda): Bishop Michael Lubowa
4 May 2021St James the Great, Lower Gornal

Please pray for the faithful congregation at St James the Great, Lower Gornal, during a time of change.

West Buganda (Uganda): Bishop Henry Katumba-Tamale
5 May 2021Diocese of Peru

The pandemic continues to affect Peru badly, with a high death and infection rate. Living in a poor country, Peruvians have had very little access to the vaccine, with only a tiny percentage of the population inoculated. Pray for Bishop Jorge and his clergy as they minister in this situation of fear and injustice.

Buhiga (Burundi): Bishop Evariste Nijimbere
6 May 2021Hagley

Pray for the parishes of Hagley and Clent as they move towards becoming a new benefice, for a vision for how to develop a pattern of church services following worship on Zoom, and for responding to a backlog of weddings and baptisms. Clergy: Richard Newton, Kim Topham

Bujumbura (Burundi): Bishop Eraste Bigirimana
7 May 2021Those in poverty

Pray for all those who live in the most basic conditions and who are hungry in our world of abundance. Pray particularly for those who have lost income and are now living in poverty due to the pandemic.

Bukavu (Congo): Bishop Sylvestre Bahati
8 May 2021Halas Team

Pray for St Kenelm, Romsley, as we build on enthusiasm for our community service and prayerful welcome with fewer volunteers in uncertain times; and for St John the Baptist, Halesowen’s continuing community engagement as the town feels its way after a difficult year, as well as the chance to restart building work. For our ALMs, schools with Heads Suzanne Shackleton and Lorna Knowles. Clergy: Rob Hall, Dominic Melville; Readers: Pat Hall, Sally Spencer, Charles Morgan

Bukedi (Uganda): Bishop Samuel Egesa
9 May 2021Christian Aid Week

Please pray for all families living in poverty, that through generous donations they might put the foundations in place to access the water
they so urgently need.

Christian Aid Week starts tomorrow and this year’s focus is on the climate emergency our world is currently facing. People living in poverty experience the worst of it every day. From drought to flooding, extreme weather means people are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. Church volunteers have collected donations during Christian Aid Week since it began more than 60 years ago to help people living in extreme poverty to protect themselves when disaster strikes.

This Christian Aid Week, funds will be raised to help communities put the foundations in place for reliable water sources, like taps and earth-dams. Donations could also support training for farmers about drought-tolerant crops, which in turn could help families withstand a long drought, or relentless rainstorms in the year ahead.

To find out more about this year’s appeal, please visit Christian Aid’s website: https://www.christianaid.org.uk/appeals/key-appeals/christian-aid-week

Area Dean of Greater Dudley: David Hoskin with sub-deans: Rachel Newell and Andrew Sillis

Gloucester: Bishop Rachel Treweek with Bishop Robert Springett (Tewkesbury)
Västerås (Sweden): Mikael Mogren
The Anglican Church of Kenya: Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit
10 May 2021Halas Team

Pray for all who receive home mailing or worship online, that they may be assured of God’s grace and our shared care and prayer. At St Margaret’s, Hasbury, pray for our openness to God’s grace and for mutual loving care and welcome; for our ALMs, churchwardens and all who carry responsibility. For St Margaret’s School, Head: Sara Shepherd. Clergy: Rob Hall; Reader: Susan Cresswell

Bunbury (Australia): Bishop Ian Coutts
11 May 2021Halas Team

At St Peter, Lapal, give thanks for the community support during the last year, with church projects, attending online events such as Brick Church and Community Choir and practically with litter picking, photography, promoting St Peter’s and caring for each other. For our churchwardens and all volunteers. For Mel Beynon starting her curacy in July. Clergy: Hazel Charlton

Bungoma (Kenya): Bishop George Mechumo
12 May 2021Diocese of Morogoro

Pray for the new President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan, following the sudden death of the former President. Pray as she seeks to unite a country, struggling to cope with the pandemic. Remember all leaders in Tanzania, blessing their service to the people of this vast and beautiful country.

Bunyoro-Kitara (Uganda): Bishop Samuel Kahuma
13 May 2021Halas Team

At St Peter, Cradley, pray that we may find ways to stay connected with the many who joined our outside services, shared in online worship and who are supporting the clock project. For our ALMs and school Head: Marcia Harris. Clergy: Katryn Leclézio; Reader: Karen Chaplin

Busan (Korea): Bishop Onesimus Dongsin Park
14 May 2021Kingswinford & Wall Heath

Please pray for the parish whilst in vacancy and give thanks for the appointment of Adam Hadley as our new priest. Give thanks for those enabling our churches to be open for worship, for keeping our parishioners connected during Covid restrictions and for the many people who have led worship during the vacancy. For our ALMs. Clergy: Jane Freeman, Mel Smith; Readers: Debbie Filgate, Jill Nicholls, David Cousins

Busoga (Uganda): Bishop Moses Samson Naimanhye
15 May 2021Growing as Kingdom People

Pray that as discussions take place locally to discern God’s mission, we will ensure that we are seeking to be Christ-centred and Jesus-shaped, being led by the Spirit.

Central Busoga (Uganda): Bishop Patrick Wakula
16 May 2021Love our Schools prayer event

Pray that national and local educationalists feel God’s peaceful presence alongside them as they work to sustain safe, secure
and stimulating learning environments in which adults and children alike can flourish on their scholastic journeys.

Every term, representatives from the Diocesan Education Team, the Diocesan Mission Enablers and the regional teams of Open the Book and Pray for Schools come together with people from across the Midlands to pray for schools. The next Love our Schools prayer event takes place online on the afternoon of Wednesday 26 May.

During the event, prayers will be shared for our church school families and the numerous other community school families across Dudley and Worcestershire. The Bishop of Dudley, Martin Gorick, will join the session to lead a short reflection, after which attendees will have the opportunity to pause, think and pray. Other reflections will pray especially for leaders, teachers and support staff; children, those who are vulnerable and who have additional needs; and educational governance, plans and policy.

If you would like to join this event, please book your place on Eventbrite.

Midlands Training & Development Officer, Open the Book: Lynn Satchell
England Volunteer Co-ordinator, Pray for Schools: Jane Newey

Guildford: Bishop Andrew Watson with Bishop Jo Wells (Dorking)
Viborg (Denmark): Bishop Henrik Stubjær
The Anglican Church of Korea: Bishop Peter Kyongho Lee
17 May 2021Norton & Wollaston

Pray for the people of Norton and Wollaston, Stourbridge; our mission work and ministry to all our local schools, homes and businesses, including St James’s CE Primary and St Michael & All Angels Christian Preschool. Clergy: Vacant, Diana Farmer; Reader: Dan Muthuveloe

Butare (Rwanda): Bishop Nathan Gasatura
18 May 2021Old Hill

Please pray for a deep work of the Spirit to grow our love for the Lord, for his people and for the lost. Pray for growing new disciples, the foodbank and debt advisor, and for growing leaders. Clergy: Nick Gowers; Readers: Yvonne Binder, Phil Hall, Robert Higham

Butere (Kenya): Bishop Timothy Wambunya
19 May 2021The Protestant Church of Central Germany

Give thanks for the many church building societies in our area that support parishes in repairing and maintaining our 4000 churches. Through your Son, the keystone of our work has already been laid. Let that be the foundation of our trust.

Buye (Burundi): Bishop Sixbert Macumi
20 May 2021St Mary, Oldswinford

Pray for St Mary’s APCM and our renewed PCC, embodying God’s glory in the life of our church. May our prayer groups continue sharing their experience of God. Clergy: John Flitcroft; Reader: Roger King

Byumba (Rwanda): Bishop Emmanuel Ngendahayo
21 May 2021St Peter, Pedmore

We give thanks for 150 years of ministry in Pedmore and pray for the church working with Adam Legge on calling young disciples. Clergy: David Nichol; Readers: Mary German, Linda Kitto, Corrinne Sarjeant, Richard Sarjeant

Calabar (Nigeria): Bishop Tunde Adeleye
22 May 2021St Andrew, Wollescote

We give thanks for the faithful church community and pray for a way to be found to fund the demolition of the church hall. Clergy: David Nichol; Reader: Kath Davis

Calcutta (North India): Bishop Probal Kanto Dutta
23 May 2021Praying Thy Kingdom Come

Almighty God, your ascended Son has sent us into the world to preach the good news of your Kingdom. Inspire us with your Spirit and fill our hearts with the fire of your love, that all those who hear your word may be drawn to you.

Since its start in May 2016, Christians from 172 countries have taken part in praying ‘Come Holy Spirit’ from Ascension Day to Pentecost, so that friends, family, neighbours and colleagues might come to faith.

After the very first Ascension Day, the disciples gathered with Mary, constantly devoting themselves to prayer while they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Like them, our reliance on the gift of the Holy Spirit is total – on our own we can do nothing.

Jesus had promised his followers that, although they would not see him after his Ascension, the Holy Spirit would guide and inspire them. Pentecost celebrates the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples, with crowds gathered in Jerusalem – representing many nationalities and speaking many languages – able to hear the disciples preaching in their own language.

Through the centuries Christians have gathered to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit. “In praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ we all commit to playing our part in the renewal of the nations and the transformation of communities.” Archbishop Justin Welby.

Greater Dudley - Lay Chair: John Nicholson; Secretary: Melissa Rose; Treasurer: Michael Bishop; Administrator: Emma Leek

Exeter: Bishop Robert Atwell with Bishops Nicholas McKinnel (Plymouth) and Jackie Searle (Crediton)
Nord-Hålogaland (Norway): Bishop Olav Øygard
The Anglican Church of Melanesia: Archbishop Leonard Dawea
24 May 2021St Thomas, Stourbridge

Please pray for the ministry team, PCC and people of St Thomas’ as we help our community recover from the pandemic lockdowns whilst revisiting our planning for mission and development. Clergy: Andrew Sillis, Adam Hadley

Caledonia (Canada): Bishop David Lehmann
25 May 2021The Lye & Stambermill

Pray for renewal in our worship, wise outreach in this diverse community and the continued maturing of the Brickworks church plant. For our Evangelist Fred Swartz. Clergy: Simon Falshaw, Jon Evans, Chris Kent

Calgary (Canada): Bishop Gregory Kerr-Wilson
26 May 2021Economy & Daily Life

For those returning to work as lockdown eases. Pray for those uncertain about their jobs and businesses in your local community, for those who are facing unemployment, and for local projects aiming at offering support and encouragement.

California (USA): Bishop Marc Andrus
27 May 2021Wordsley Team

Pray for those recovering from the affects of the pandemic, for businesses that are struggling to open up, for the safety of pupils and staff in our schools, those grieving, and members of our ministry team. Clergy: Colin Jones, Lyn Rowson; Readers: Terry Blewitt, Chris Geary

Northern California (USA): Bishop Megan Traquair
28 May 2021Retired clergy in the Greater Dudley Deanery

We pray for God’s blessing on those retired clergy who have been shielding over the last year, and especially on those who live alone, as they venture out of their homes to enjoy fellowship once more. We give thanks for their faithful ministry of prayer in these difficult times.

Cameroon (West Africa): Bishop Dibo Thomas-Babyngton Elango
29 May 2021Growing as Kingdom People

Pray for all those who lead and support ministry and mission in our parishes, that they will feel encouraged and supported to work creatively to enable missionary discipleship within the parish and beyond.

El Camino Real (USA): Bishop Lucinda Ashby
30 May 2021
31 May 2021