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October's Daily Prayer

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1 October 2021Those who mourn

Gracious God, surround all who mourn this day with your continuing compassion. Do not let grief overwhelm your children or turn them against you. When grief seems never-ending, take them one step at a time along your road of death and resurrection.

Freetown (West Africa): Bishop Thomas Arnold Ikunika Wilson
2 October 2021Growing as Kingdom People

Pray that our worship will always be the best that it can be, reaching out to those of different generations. Give thanks for those parishes who are working together to resource each other; growing and developing their worship as a result.

Gahini (Rwanda): Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo
3 October 2021Harvest

God of the heavens and the earth,
You call us to share in the care of your creation and to bring food and fruitfulness from field and farm.
Hear our prayer for all who make their living on the land and make us grateful for the work of their hands and for the generosity of your provision.
We ask this in the name of Christ. Amen. (Harvest Prayer from the Arthur Rank Centre)

Chair of CARL: David Morris; Secretary: Liz Edwards

Praying for our baptism families - Lord God, thank you that you created us all with an amazing capacity for love & compassion. We pray that when faced with injustice, you will equip our baptism families with the gifts of boldness, courage and discernment, to bring about your will. Amen

Liverpool: Bishop Paul Bayes w Bishop Beverley Mason (Warrington)
The Church in Wales: Archbishop John Davies
Monmouth (Wales): Bishop Cherry Vann
Haderslev (Denmark): Bishop Marianne Christiansen
4 October 2021The Bishop's Chaplain

Pray for Stuart Currie, Chaplain to the Bishop of Worcester and for his work supporting Bishop John both spiritually and practically.

Gambella (Alexandria): Vacant
5 October 2021Malvern & Upton Deanery

Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we embark on the journey of transformation and change in our Deanery. We give thanks for the faithfulness, creativity and energy in our parishes and that we will grow ever closer as Kingdom people, serving our communities and sharing the good news of Jesus. Area Dean: Mark Badger

Gambia (West Africa): Bishop James Allen Yaw Odico
6 October 2021Diocese of Peru

The Anglican Church of Peru is working with ten feeding projects which are helping to provide meals for 400 people each day. Pray for all those who do this work, and that they may continue to receive the financial support necessary for the projects.

Garissa (Kenya): Bishop David Mutisya
7 October 2021Berrow w Pendock

Pray for the PCC, Pendock CE Primary School, Open the Book Team, Bible Study, our mission, ministry and community during these difficult times. Clergy: Julie James, Anthea Elston

Gasabo (Rwanda): Bishop Onesphore Rwaje
8 October 2021Eldersfield, Hollybush and Birtsmorton

Pray for the PCC and all office holders, Eldersfield Lawn CE Primary School, Open the Book Team, bell ringers, Prayer Group, and for all community involvement and outreach. For our ALM. Clergy: Julie James, Anthea Elston

Gboko (Nigeria): Bishop Emmanuel F. G. Nyitsse
9 October 2021Safeguarding team

Ahead of Safeguarding Sunday tomorrow, please pray for all involved in safeguarding matters: for Parish Safeguarding Officers and members of the Diocesan Safeguarding Panels. For the Diocesan Safeguarding Team: Hilary Higton, Delia Stokes, Sarah Booth; Chair of the Safeguarding Training Team: Simon Hill; Administrator: Liz Toone.

George (Southern Africa): Bishop Brian Marajh
10 October 2021Prisons' Sunday

Please pray for all those in the criminal justice system and for the work of CJAG.

Today is Prisons’ Sunday. Each year, the Diocesan Criminal Justice Affairs Group (CJAG) works with the Cathedral on a specific theme – this year, the focus will be on the Church Welcome Pilot which commenced in Autumn.

This scheme is being delivered by CJAG, in partnership with the Safeguarding team and the probation service. It aims to support those who have committed low risk offences to be introduced to and join a local church if they wish to do so.

Charmian Manship, from the CJAG, said: “This is a potentially exciting opportunity to widen doors and welcome people safely into the church family.”

CJAG aims to offer a Christian perspective and advise the diocese on criminal justice matters. Members have experience of working within the criminal justice system, through the courts (crown and magistrates), crown prosecution service, police, prisons, probation, youth justice, the parole board and defence lawyers, as well as the Church.

The pandemic has had a heavy toll on those in the criminal justice system - on staff, prisoners, those under supervision in the community and their families, alike. The impact on an already stretched and under-resourced system continues to be largely hidden and there are very real concerns about the breaching of human rights.

Chair of CJAG: Chairman Manship; Secretary: Diana Fulbrook; Bishop’s Adviser on Criminal Justice Affairs: Paul West

Truro: Bishop Philip Mounstephen w Bishop Hugh Nelson (St Germans)
The Province of West Africa: Bishop Jonathan Bau-Bau Bonaparte Hart
Tönsberg (Norway): Bishop Jan Otto Myrseth
Strängnäs (Sweden): Bishop Johan Dalman
11 October 2021Great Malvern Priory

Please pray for us as we progress an £8 million restoration and renewal project at the Priory. Pray also for our hard-working ministry team and a number of active and much valued retired clergy. Clergy: Rod Corke, Jonny Gordon; Reader: Chris Boulton, David Webster, Sue Williams; Reader in training: Richard Weatherall

Georgia (USA): Bishop Frank Logue
12 October 2021Christ Church, Malvern

We are a small bible-based and Eucharistic-centred congregation with a great welcome and outreach in Malvern. Pray for our work in our schools, our fantastic concerts, our weekly book fairs and coffee mornings and our charity work. Clergy: Vacant

Gippsland (Australia): Bishop Richard Treloar
13 October 2021Diocese of Morogoro

We pray for clergy in Morogoro as they seek to share God’s love in their parishes. We especially remember those clergy who have been assigned to parishes where the Christian faith has a very marginal presence, praying that, through their teaching and care, Christ’s love might grow and blossom within their communities.

Gitega (Burundi): Bishop John Nduwayo
14 October 2021Hanley Castle & Hanley Swan, Welland

Pray for unity within our benefice, and across our wider patch, as well as a willingness to be flexible as we seek a new service pattern for the future that creates room for outreach and innovation. Pray also for a breakthrough in our work with local schools. Clergy: Barry Unwin, Linda Bedford, Sue Adeney, Jane Fraser; Readers: Alison Martin, Roger Gillard, Mary Weatherill, Carol Unwin, Tim Toman

Glasgow & Galloway (Scotland): Bishop Kevin Pearson
15 October 2021Upton-on-Severn & the Hook

Pray for new leaders to emerge, and for the growth of our Breakfast Church congregation, and for God’s prospering of our work in the local schools. Clergy: Barry Unwin, Linda Bedford, Sue Adeney, Jane Fraser; Readers: Alison Martin, Roger Gillard, Mary Weatherill, Carol Unwin, Tim Toman

Gloucester: Bishop Rachel Treweek w Bishop Robert Springett (Tewkesbury)
16 October 2021Growing as Kingdom People

Help us all to look for ways in which we can demonstrate the difference that God’s call has made on our own lives. Pray that we will offer a model of Christian discipleship to all those we meet each day.

Gogrial (South Sudan): Bishop Abraham Ngor Mangong
17 October 2021A pilgrimage of prayer and hope

Please pray for Bishop Martin as he travels across the Diocese as well as for all the churches that he will visit during his pilgrimage.

Throughout Autumn, Bishop Martin is journeying around the Diocese in pilgrimage, spending two days in each deanery and visiting as many churches as possible.

Bishop Martin said: “I was very struck when, at the height of the pandemic, a member of the clergy said how sad he was that his font had been dry over the last year. I have really missed the sacraments, and this pilgrimage is an opportunity for me to bless our churches – both the buildings and the people - as the living waters of grace flow again.”

On each of the two days spent in a deanery, Bishop Martin will visit around six churches to say a simple prayer of blessing over their fonts. He will walk between some churches and visit others by car. Each day he will say morning, midday and evening prayer in three of the churches and people are welcome to join him there.

“On one of the days, if restrictions allow, we’ll be having a slightly bigger prayer service for the deanery. I know one deanery is planning a confirmation service while another will host a deanery praise celebration. It will hopefully be a chance for us to come together and pray for all that we’ve been through during the pandemic and for the future as things begin to ease.”

Malvern & Upton Deanery – Secretary: Sarah Kelsey; Treasurer: Derek Valentine

The Province of the West Indies:
Bishop Howard Gregory
Växjö (Sweden):
Bishop Fredrik Modéus
Oxford: Bishop Steven Croft, w Bishops Olivia Graham (Reading), Colin Fletcher (Dorchester), Alan Wilson (Buckingham)
18 October 2021Ripple, Earl's Croome w Hill Croome & Strensham

Pray for unity and mission among our churches, joy in fellowship and clarity about God’s way forward, especially with the building in Ripple. Clergy: Barry Unwin, Linda Bedford, Sue Adeney, Jane Fraser; Readers: Alison Martin, Roger Gillard, Mary Weatherill, Carol Unwin, Tim Toman

Goma (Congo): Bishop Kadhoro Desire Makanirwa
19 October 2021Kempsey & Severn Stoke w Croome d'Abitot

Give thanks for our partnership with All Saints Worcester and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we work together to refresh and reinvigorate our worship and establish a mission project in Norton. For our ALMs and Children and Families workers: Josh and Rachel Kennedy. Clergy: Mark Badger, Owain Bell, Don Sloggett; Ordinand: Giles Joiner; Readers: Ron Rust, Libby James

Gombe (Nigeria): Bishop Cletus Ajigben Tambari
20 October 2021The Protestant Church of Central Germany

At the weekend, Catholic and Protestant young people will together be paying a visit to Pope Francis. We pray for all those who, despite any resistance, work for the unity of your Church. Encourage those who confess your name above all.

Grafton (Australia): Bishop Murray Harvey
21 October 2021Longdon, Castlemorton, Bushley

Pray for our worship, giving and outreach in Longdon; the future use of the completed church development project in Castlemorton, and for ministry to the CE Primary School; in Bushley, for the wisdom and funds to deal with a raft of building repairs. For our Administrator: Wendy Thompson; Clergy: Chris Moss; Reader: Michael Harper

Grahamstown (Southern Africa): Bishop Ebenezer Ntlali
22 October 2021Queenhill w Holdfast

Pray for our worship, giving and outreach. For our Administrator: Wendy Thompson; Clergy: Chris Moss; Reader: Michael Harper

Guadalcanal (Melanesia): Bishop Nathan Tome
23 October 2021Little Malvern

Give thanks and pray for our outreach to walkers, cyclists and pilgrims who visit our ancient church for peace and reflection; for couples planning marriages with us, and for our faithful congregation. Pray too for our links with the Farming Community Network. Clergy: Stephen Sealy

Guatemala (Central de America): Bishop Armando Guerra Soria
24 October 2021Bishop's Adviser for Pastoral Care & Counselling

Please pray for David in this role as well as clergy and their families across the diocese who are finding life a struggle at the moment.

Dr David Mair has taken on the role of Bishop’s Adviser in Pastoral Care & Counselling.

David will become the main point of contact for clergy and their families who are concerned about their mental health, helping to assess their needs and put them in touch with a member of the diocesan counselling team as appropriate. He is also planning to offer support to clergy with handling difficult people and dealing with stress.

David said: “This role is a good way of using my professional skills and knowledge with the understanding of the Church of England’s ethos that I’ve acquired over the years. I encourage any member of the clergy or their family who might be worried about their mental health to approach the counselling team for help sooner rather than later. This includes anything that might be worrying them, causing stress and anxiety or that they feel is interfering with their relationships. It is hugely important that clergy take good care of themselves and are able to recognise when help might be needed. If something feels wrong – come and talk about it.”

Bishop’s Adviser for Pastoral Care & Counselling: David Mair

Carlisle: Bishop James Newcome w Bishop Emma Ineson (Penrith)
The Extra-Provincial Churches Stavanger (Norway): Bishop Anne Lise Ådnøy
25 October 2021Malvern Chase Team

Pray for God’s leading as we discern new patterns of ministry, mission and outreach at St Andrew’s Church post-Covid. Pray for our children and youth that they would grow in their faith and discipleship. Also, for our many volunteers. Clergy: Dave Bruce, Peter Myres, Helen Wilkinson, David Ritchie; Readers: Heather Williamson, Derham Cook, Judith Keene

Guildford: Bishop Andrew John Watson w Bishop Jo Bailey Wells (Dorking)
26 October 2021Malvern Chase Team

Pray for Messy Church and toddlers as they restart; for the Foodbank; for Malvern’s Christians Against Poverty (CAP) branch; and for wisdom as we discern new service patterns and ministry in the community at All Saints. Clergy: Dave Bruce, Peter Myres, Paul Hunt, Helen Wilkinson; Readers: Peter Buchanan, Jacqui Green

Guinea (West Africa): Bishop Jacques Boston
27 October 2021Economy & Daily Life

Pray for those attending the COP26 Climate Change conference being hosted in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November and the Global Conference of Youth meeting from 28 to 31 October. Pray for clarity of vision and determination in making changes that will make a real difference in how humanity impacts the climate.

Gujarat (North India): Bishop Silvans Christian
28 October 2021Malvern Chase Team

At St Mary, Pickersleigh, please pray for all the people we come in contact with through Pickersleigh Bears, St Mary’s Community Fridge and Refresh Community Cafe. For our building project, giving thanks to all those who have donated to it. Clergy Lynne Sparkes; Reader Andy Noble

Central Gulf Coast (USA): Bishop Russell Kendrick
29 October 2021Holy Trinity, Malvern

Give thanks for the ministry that has been sustained during the vacancy and lockdown. Pray for God’s Spirit to guide us as we seek to live out his calling to love him and love our neighbour. Clergy: Becky Elliott, Sylvia Cokes-Wood, Eric Knowles, Clare Griffiths

Gusau (Nigeria): Bishop John Garba Danbinta
30 October 2021Growing as Kingdom People

Pray for all the nurture courses which are taking place or being planned across the Diocese. Pray that people will grow and deepen in faith as they explore what it means to be a Christian.

Guyana (West Indies): Bishop Charles Davidson
31 October 2021Light Parties in the Severnside Parishes

Pray for those planning the Severnside Light Party as they reach out to their local community, as well as for all our churches who are finding ways to share the Christian message of light and love this Halloween.

As a team, the Severnside Parishes find creative ways to celebrate normal holidays and festivals throughout the year. They have found that a light party can be a fun celebration in October around the time of Halloween.

Whilst Halloween is often a difficult subject in the church, around this time families are looking for safe and fun alternatives to the traditional activities of walking around and knocking on doors. Instead of ignoring this time of year, Severnside Parishes have filled it with glow sticks, fun, crafts and sparklers as a reminder of
the Christian message that Jesus is the light of the world.

Rachel Kennedy, family worker at Severnside Parishes, said: “The party is a great way to celebrate all things light around Halloween with the local community and schools. Last year, our light party was digital, but we are so looking forward to celebrating in person again.”

Severnside Parishes – Families Worker: Rachel Kennedy; Community Outreach Worker: Josh Kennedy

Winchester: Bishop Timothy Dakin w Bishops David Williams (Basingstoke), Debbie Sellin (Southampton)
The Episcopal / Anglican Province of Alexandria: Archbishop Mouneer Hanna Anis Agder & Telemark (Norway): Bishop Stein Reinertsen