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January's Daily Prayer

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1 January 2022The Emergency Services and their Chaplains

Pray for all who work in the Fire & Rescue Services, the Ambulance Service and the Police, for safety and resilience. Pray also for their chaplains as they reflect God’s love and care for all officers and staff. Joint Lead Chaplain: Dick Johnson. Chaplains: Stuart Sandys, Tony Whalley, Paul Lawlor, Tim Williams, Mike Wilkinson, Keith Locke, Keith Osmund-Smith, Tony Whalley, Ahmed Hans, Vanetta Griffiths.

Isi mbano (Nigeria): Bishop Godson Udochukwu Ukanwa
2 January 2022Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

Lord, you answer our prayers in many ways, but sometimes not in the way we expect. Thank you for listening, for supporting and for encouraging us to think deeper, in both good times and bad.

By the end of 2023, it is hoped that the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be unveiled in Coleshill, Birmingham.
Each of the million bricks in this gigantic Christian landmark will display an individual’s story, remembering how God has answered a specific prayer amid times of challenge in their lives. Stories will be shared by Christians from all around the world, from both the past and the present and they will be made available to the public on the largest online database of hope stories in the world.

The structure will be over twice the size of the Angel of the North and will be surrounded by 10 acres of landscaped ground for visitors to sit and reflect in. Reflection on answered prayer gives us a deeper understanding of who God is and helps us mature in our Christian life. Not only that, it will also encourage a national conversation about prayer and hope with people of all faiths and none.

Redditch and Bromsgrove Deanery Area Dean: Paul Lawlor Lay Chair: Kashmir Garton.

Praying for your Baptism families: Father God, bless all families bringing their child for baptism; that no matter how small their faith, they are granted wisdom and opportunities to nurture their own faith in you. Amen.

Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo: Archbishop Zacharie Masimango Katanda
3 January 2022PCC and Deanery Synod members

Pray for all those who serve their church as members of the Parochial Church Council and give thanks for their important role in the mission of the Church. Also for Deanery Synod members who play a vital role in the governance of the Church.

Isiala-Ngwa (Nigeria): Bishop Temple O Nwaogu
4 January 2022Redditch Alexandra Hospital

Pray for the whole hospital community, including patients and their families, especially while visiting is still restricted. Thanking God for the 1000+ people who work at the Alex and their dedication through this challenging time. For the Chaplain, David Ryan and the Hospitals’ Chaplaincy team.

Isial-Ngwa South (Nigeria): Bishop Isaac Chijoke Nwaobia
5 January 2022Diocese of Peru

The Diocese of Peru has been focusing on the training and education of lay people, to help prepare lay leaders and work with congregations on discipleship. Pray for this programme and for all who are responsible for delivering it.

Isikwuato (Nigeria): Bishop Manasses Chijiokem I. Okere
6 January 2022United Parish of Stoke Prior, Wychbold & Upton Warren

Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we work together with our local communities; that as we serve, we may grow as Kingdom People. Pray for our ALMs Kate and Karen, our Churchwarden June and members of the PCC. Clergy: Paula Honniball.

Isikwuato (Nigeria): Bishop Manasses Chijiokem I. Okere
7 January 2022United Parish of Stoke Prior, Wychbold & Upton Warren

Give thanks for our church buildings. Pray that they will be used well, providing a welcoming and inclusive space for worship and friendship. Pray for the work of the Heritage Friends Group. Clergy: Paula Honniball

Northern Izon (Nigeria): Bishop Funkuro Godrules Victor Amgbare
8 January 2022Growing as Kingdom People

Lord, help us to see the opportunities for coming alongside others and sharing the good news of Jesus. We pray for those just starting on their journey of faith, that they will continue to grow and develop as your disciples.

Jabalpur (North India): Bishop Prem Chand Singh
9 January 2022Plough Sunday

We give thanks for all those who work the land - sowing seeds, tending to and harvesting crops throughout the year.

Traditionally, Plough Sunday has been observed on the First Sunday of Epiphany since the Victorian age, however, it has a much older association with the first working day after the twelve days of Christmas, hence the phrase Plough Monday used in some places.

In the past, ploughs were often kept in the parish church and were blessed at this service. After long winters, during which farm work was scarce, the observance of this agricultural festival looked ahead to the time of sowing and the promise of harvest to come.

Although the nature of farming has changed over the centuries, today Plough Sunday is still seen as a way of celebrating farming and human labour more generally near the start of the calendar year. It is an opportunity to cherish the land and to remind us all of our dependence upon it and upon God.

Chaplaincy for Agriculture & Rural Life – Chair: David Morris Secretary: Liz Edwards
Iglesia Anglicana de Chile: Bishop Hector Zavala
10 January 2022Retired clergy in Redditch & Bromsgrove Deanery

In this season of Epiphany, we pray that, with the pressures of parish ministry now behind them, retired clergy associated with Redditch and Bromsgrove Deanery might more and more discover the glory of God in the ordinary stuff of their everyday lives.

Jaffna (India): M Bishop Daniel Selvaratnam Thiagarajah
11 January 2022Redditch Ecumenical Covenant

We give thanks for the widening involvement churches across Redditch and for James Hamilton (Emmanuel URC/Methodist LEP) and Dawn Evans (Salvation Army).

Jalingo (Nigeria): Bishop Foreman Nedison
12 January 2022Diocese of Morogoro

We pray for all those who are involved in trying to rebuild the income of the Diocese of Morogoro following a poor harvest and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please pray that many more will feel moved to give so that greater resources can be accessed to help those in desperate need.

Jamaica & The Cayman Islands W (West Indies): Bishop Howard Gregory
13 January 2022HMP Hewell Grange

Pray for the Governor, Deputy Governor, Senior Management Team and all staff, for their safety and well-being. Pray for the men who live and work here, for their anxiety, depression and fear and that through the compassion and care of those around them, that they may feel valued and cared for.

Jebba (Nigeria): Bishop S. Timothy G. Adewole
14 January 2022Princess of Wales Community Hospital, Bromsgrove

Please pray for our in-patients, outpatients and all who rely on our services. For all nursing teams led by Matron Phil Shakeshaft, doctors, consultants, support staff, volunteers and fundraisers. Praying also for the Healthcare chaplaincy team led by Andy Green.

Jerusalem: Archbishop Suheil Dawani
15 January 2022Education in the Diocese

Pray for all those who work in the Diocesan Education Team. For Director of Education, Tim Reid; Executive Officer, Gilly Maxim; Administrator, Janine Jenkins; Education Advisers, Gemma Martin and Duncan Hutchison; and the consultants who support their work.

San Joaquin (USA): Bishop David Rice
16 January 2022Lay Ministry

Pray for those who are considering whether they are being called to lay ministries in the church, and especially those seeking to discern whether they should offer to help their parishes as ALMs or serve in their parishes and more widely as LLMs (Readers). And take a moment to consider the gifts God has given you, and how you might use them.

This Sunday’s reading addresses a problem in first-century Corinth, which has continued to be a problem down the centuries: some people think their ministry is more important than other people’s ministry. St Paul’s answer stays the same down the ages too: everybody’s ministry is as much a valuable part of the church, as each limb or organ is part of the same body.

We have a wide variety of ministries in the church. Some we give official titles to like Authorised Lay Minister (ALM), or Licensed Lay Minister (LLM or Reader). Some we ordain as bishops, priests, and deacons. Many have no obvious title. All are valued, all are God’s gifts to his church, and all need the presence and power of the same Holy Spirit, who Paul reminds us, both allots and activates these gifts.

Redditch & Bromsgrove Deanery Secretary: Mark Wheatley Treasurer: Chris Barlow Admin Support: Rose Humphrey

The Church of England: Archbishop Justin Welby
17 January 2022Multi-Academy Trusts

Pray for all the Multi-Academy Trusts currently supporting schools, in particular the two diocesan trusts - the Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DoWMAT), CEO: Claire Davies (with 15 schools) and the newly formed Elements Diocesan Learning Trust, interim CEO: Viv Cranton (4 schools).

Johannesburg (Southern Africa): Bishop Stephen Mosimanegape Moreo
18 January 2022Pershore & Evesham Deanery

Give thanks for all who live as faithful disciples of Christ. Pray we may discern how best to live, worship and share faith with our communities spread over a wide geographical area, and with care for each other’s wellbeing. Area Dean: Sarah Dangerfield, Lay Chair: Robin Lunn, Deanery Secretary: Alison Sandham, and all synod members.

Jos (Nigeria): Archbishop Benjamin A. Kwashi
19 January 2022The Protestant Church of Central Germany

As a new year starts we pray for our EKM-Worcester partnerships. May we be able to inspire the younger generations of congregation members and pastors, especially those who were already involved in the newly ordained exchange.

Juba (South Sudan): Archbishop Justin Badi Arama
20 January 2022Bowbrook Group

Give thanks for Himbleton & Huddington villagers and those who maintain an active, visible and caring ministry here. Pray that the new combined parish will bring new ways of being Kingdom People in this area. Pray for all at Himbleton CE First School, Head: Gemma Martin. Clergy: David Morris, Barbara Wheatley; Reader: Margaret Farquhar

Kabba (Nigeria): Bishop Steven K. Akobe
21 January 2022Bowbrook Group

Pray that our building work will allow wider community acitvites at Hanbury and Stock & Bradley. Give thanks for the retired clergy and our worship leaders. For all the staff at Hanbury CE First School and the Open the Book team. Clergy: David Morris, Rita Holden, Keith Withington; Reader: John Spencer

Kadugli & Nuba Mountains (Sudan): Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail
22 January 2022Growing as Kingdom People

Give thanks for all parishes continue to do to support mission and ministry across the Diocese through contributing to its cost. As our new Ministry Share system comes into effect, we pray that parishes will do what they can to work towards full payment and ask for support when they need it.

Kaduna (Nigeria): Bishop Timothy Yahaya
23 January 2022Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Lord Jesus, who prayed that we might all be one, we pray to you for the unity of Christians. May your Spirit enable us to experience the suffering caused by division and to hope beyond all hope. Amen.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is traditionally held between 18-25 January. The theme for this year was chosen by the Middle East Council of Churches: “We saw the star in the East, and we came to worship him” (Matthew 2:2). More than ever, in the difficult times we’ve witnessed, we need a light that shines in the darkness and that light is a gift, an indication of God’s loving presence for all humanity.

The Magi reveal to us the unity of all nations desired by God. They travel from far-off countries, and represent diverse cultures, yet they are driven by the same hunger to see and know the new-born king. Christians are called to be a sign to the world of God bringing about this unity that he desires. Drawn from different cultures, races and languages, Christians share in a common search for Christ and a common desire to worship him. The mission of the Christian people, therefore, is to be a sign like the star, to lead all to Christ, and to be the means by which God is bringing about the unity of all peoples.

Pershore and Evesham Deanery - Area Dean: Sarah Dangerfield Lay Chair: Robin Lunn

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui: Archbishop Andrew Chan
24 January 2022Bowbrook Group

At Crowle & Bredicot, give thanks for the links with Crowle CE First School and Head: Martina Abbot. For the Open the Book team and for our building work, to facilitate a new community space. For Crowle Pre-School, our village shop, volunteers and all those who work to upkeep our churches. Clergy: David Morris, Rita Holden; Reader: Margaret Farquhar

Kafanchan (Nigeria): M Bishop Markus Madugu Dogo
25 January 2022Bowbrook Group

Pray that planned extra facilities for Hadzor w Oddingley and Tibberton, will bless the community & enhance our mission. Pray for our “Open Sunday” service and links with Tibberton CE First School (Head: Alex Gromski), together with the Open the Book team. For all exploring vocations. Clergy: David Morris, Rita Holden; Reader: Yuki Johnson.

Kagera (Tanzania): Bishop Darlington Bendankeha
26 January 2022Economy & Daily Life

A year after leaving the EU, pray for businesses who are still adjusting, especially those who have relied in the past on workers from other countries, and for those workers, from Britain and the EU whose lives have had to change. Pray for a spirit of cooperation and respect in all economic dealings, immigration and foreign policy.

Kajiado (Kenya): Bishop Gadiel Katanga Lenini
27 January 2022The Flyfords Family

Pray for the congregations of St.Eadburga, Abberton and St Bartholomew, Naunton Beauchamp that we may discover how best to show God’s love in communities which we serve to show God’s love. Clergy: Emma Goldby, Sarah Dangerfield, Gary Noyes

Kajo-Keji (South Sudan): Bishop Emmanuel Murye Modi
28 January 2022The Flyfords Family

Give thanks for all who support St John the Baptist, Grafton Flyford, St. Peter, Flyford Flavell and St Michael and All Angels, North Piddle. Please pray that we might be built up in faith and service as we consider how we can best serve our rural villages. Clergy: Emma Goldby, Sarah Dangerfield, Gary Noyes

Kamango (Congo): Bishop Sabiti Tibafa Daniel
29 January 2022Bishampton and Throckmorton

Give thanks for all who live out their faith and share their faith with others. Help them to feel guided and renewed by the Holy Spirit. Give thanks for all who care for our churches. Clergy: Sarah Dangerfield, Emma Goldby, Gary Noyes; Reader: Delia Harding

Kampala (Uganda): Bishop Stanley Ntagali
30 January 2022Youth fellowship in Stourbridge

Pray for the new youth fellowship in Stourbridge, for those who will lead it and for
the young people who will attend.

Churches in the Stourbridge area have come together to launch a new youth fellowship based in Oldswinford. The idea started at St Michael and All Angels in Norton, where members of the Calling Young Disciples learning hub felt that they wanted to provide something for secondary school age children but didn’t have the volunteers to take the idea forward.

Mission Enabler, Anne Batchelor, said: “The church started to broker a conversation with St James, Wollaston and St Mary, Oldswinford about whether they could work together and in January are hoping to launch a monthly youth group for young people aged 12 and over.”

The group have carried out consultation with the young people themselves, who asked for somewhere they could meet where there would be food and fellowship and an opportunity to begin to talk through faith as well as issues being faced at school and in wider society.

“It is great that new volunteers have come forward to this project – we now need lots of prayer that it will launch successfully, then grow and develop,” said Anne.

Pershore and Evesham Deanery: Secretary: Alison Sandham

The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean: Archbishop James Richard Wong Yin Song
31 January 2022Stoulton w Drakes Broughton & Pirton

Give thanks for all who support St Edmunds Stoulton, St Barnabas Drakes Broughton and St Peter Pirton. Pray that we will find new and creative ways both to reach out to our communities and also to help our existing members grow and develop in their faith. Clergy: Emma Goldby, Sarah Dangerfield, Gary Noyes; Reader: Mary Kenchington

Kano (Nigeria): Bishop Zakka L. Nyam