At the end of March 2020, the Department for Education (DfE) removed the requirement for church schools to have a SIAMS inspection, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not possible at present to say when SIAMS inspections will be resumed, but schools will be notified by the Diocese as soon as there are clear plans for their reintroduction. 

An overview of SIAMS

SIAMS inspections are carried out under Section 48 of the 1988 Education Act. They are overseen by the National Society and are arranged by the diocese. The purpose of SIAMS is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of a school as a church school. The key question posed by SIAMS is:

How effective is the school's distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling all pupils and adults to flourish?

In order to evaluate this, all schools are inspected on the following seven strands, which are closely linked to the Church of England Vision for Education Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good (Autumn 2016):

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Wisdom, knowledge and skills
  • Character development: hope, aspiration and courageous advocacy
  • Community and living well together
  • Dignity and respect
  • The impact of collective worship
  • The effectiveness of religious education.

The inspection process

Good and outstanding schools are re-inspected every five years (in the fifth academic year following the end of the academic year in which they were last inspected). Schools requiring improvement and ineffective schools are inspected every three to five years. Since September 2013, the timing of S48 inspections has not been linked to that of the school's Ofsted inspection. If you require clarification of any issues related to SIAMS, please contact Rev'd Duncan Hutchison by email on dhutchison@cofe-worcester.org.uk

The Diocese has produced a Timeline for Schools (accessible under Related Attachments), which lists the key events, actions and documentation required during an inspection and identifies who is responsible. Schools are encouraged to use the SIAMS model self-evaluation form (accessible under Related Attachments) to evaluate themselves against the seven strands in the schedule. 

Training and support

The Diocese offers a range of training and development courses for schools on the SIAMS schedule, as part of the Training and Support SLA offer. For further details, please contact the Diocesan Education Team by email on education@cofe-worcester.org.uk, or by telephone on 01905 732 825.

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