Managing People: Pay and Pensions

Employment Status

Employment Status Guidance for PCCs 

It’s not always easy to know whether someone is employed or self-employed or is a volunteer, and what action you need to take. However, it is your responsibility as an employer to verify the correct employment status of each of your workers.

It is important to get your workers’ employment status right because it affects the way Tax and National Insurance contributions are calculated for them. And it determines whether or not you have to operate PAYE on their earnings.  The following documents will help you determine employment status:

Pay and Pensions

Paying People 

You are required to do certain things when you employ and pay staff including registering for Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and reporting PAYE information in Real Time to HMRC.

Workplace pensions for church employers

Auto-enrolment requires all UK employers, including churches and charities, to provide their staff with a pension scheme that meets the Government standard.
The Pensions Regulator has a useful guide to help you through the process of automatic enrolment. You can find this at:

You will also find this link helpful:

If you require additional assistance relating to any of the processes, please contact the HR Team.

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