Children's and Youth Council

Our Children’s and Youth Council is made up of a fantastic bunch of people from school years 3 -13 plus some students who keep connected with us.

Sometimes we meet as separate groups of youth and children, at other times we come together. We have members from different parishes across the diocese and the aim is to provide a forum to hear the views of children and young people regarding their faith journey and experience of how churches serve and nurture young disciples. Each year we join with diocesan synod and our older members can connect with national church networks, even visiting general synod sessions. We often review new resources for children’s and youth groups as well as having social outings and eating cake! We meet several times through the year, though currently we are gathering regularly online until we can meet face to face once more.

Here’s how some of our members describe our CandY meetings:

"Fantastic!" "Very enjoyable!"
"Nice!" "Welcoming!"
"Interactive!" "Cool!"
"I think it’s fun and I always enjoy the meetings!" "Fantastic bunch of people to have fun with!"

What do we do in Children’s and Youth Council?

Listening, learning and talking Fun meetings
Prayer room Sleeping in church to raise money for the homeless
Diocese video filming Christmas Chocolate giveaway (see the video below!)
Eating cake!  

We are always interested in welcoming new members to the group so if you would like to join CandY, please contact either Emma or Simon.


Page last updated: Tuesday 12th April 2022 1:23 PM
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