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Why use the Baptism Books resource?

Research has shown that families who have attended Baptism have an expectation that the church will be in touch with them. So they are waiting.

By having their child Baptised they have shown an interest in starting on a spiritual journey and the church has a role to play in this.

Baptism Books is a way of helping churches keep their promise to baptism parents to ‘welcome baptised children and uphold them in their new lives in Christ’.

Developed by our Calling Young Disciples Mission Enablers, families who sign up receive a monthly email which includes a secular book suggestion to enjoy together along with an explanation of how the book reflects something about God. 

There are also activity suggestions linked to the story for the family to try as well as prayers for them to use. A second prayer is included, linking with the theme of the book to help churches themselves to pray for baptism families.

Purposes of the Baptism Books project

  • For the designated parish church to show a welcome to Baptism families

  • For the designated parish church to keep in touch with the families who have had their child Baptised at the church.

  • To help the family engage with God – to look for God everywhere.

  • To support the family in their Spiritual journey

  • To provide fun and interactive ways for the family to engage with the creator God /Christian themes in a non-threatening way.

Mission Enabler, Helen Laird, said:

“The resource is designed to be fun and interactive for families who have had their child or children baptised and are just starting out on their faith journey. It is also a great and easy way for churches to keep in touch with families who have come to the church for a baptism service and to continue to pray for them.”

Read Laura and Thomas' experience of trialling the resource.

Feedback has included: 

"My grandson and l are loving sharing these great sheets and a lovely story."

"We love this one, read it last night!"

If you would like to sign up to the regular email with the monthly resource to pass on to your baptism families, please contact Helen: Download previous resources below.



  • Download a letter to send to your baptism families encouraging them to get involved.

Download the monthly resource:

  • May 2022: The Snail and the Whale - the Holy Spirit helps us

  • April 2022 (Easter): The Rainbow Fish - Sharing and generosity

  • March 2022: The Rabbit Listens - God listens to us

  • February 2022: The Lion who wanted to love - God Loves us

  • January 2022: The Tiny Seed - heaven is like a mustard seed

  • December 20201: On Angel Wings - the birth of Jesus

  • November 2021: The Squirrels Who Squabbled - Sharing

  • October 2021: What the Ladybird Heard - Being responsible 

  • September 2021: Have you seen Elvis? - Love everyone, including yourself

  • August 2021: The Lion Inside - The Lord gives strength

  • July 2021: How Big is a Pig? - Our God is a great big God! 

  • June 2021: The Gruffalo - Have faith

  • May 2021: The Rescue Party - the body of Christ

  • April 2021: No Matter What - unconditional love

  • March 2021: Handa's Surprise - Life doesn't always go to plan! 

  • February 2021: Mister Magnolia - Give all your worries and cares to God

  • January 2021: That's not my... - God knows you

  • December 2020: Aliens in Underpants Save the World - Jesus comes to save us

  • November 2020: The Lorax - Caring for God's World

  • October 2020: Six Dinner Sid - generosity & love

  • September 2020: Have you filled a bucket today? - Love one another

  • August 2020: Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Ups and downs of live

  • July 2020: Where's Spot - seek and you shall find

  • June 2020: Norman, the slug with the silly shell - we are all precious to God.

  • May 2020: Miss Dose, the Doctor's Daughter - Caring for Others

  • April 2020: The Very Hungry Caterpillar - A new creation Easter

  • March 2020: Dear Zoo - God made everything

  • Feb 2020: Paddington - Belonging and deeply loved

  • Jan 2020: Giraffes can't dance - different kinds of gifts

  • Dec 2019: The Tiger who Came to Tea - God loves a cheerful giver

  • Nov 2019: We're going on a Bear Hunt - strong and courageous 

  • Oct 2019: Tiddler - The biggest story of all

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