Faith Through Cartoons

For those children who are baptised as older children the books used within the resource ‘Your Baptism Journey’ may be too young for the families. Therefore, the resource ‘Faith through cartoons’ has been designed for children aged 4 – 8.

There are 12 resources which use: Bluey, Thomas and friends, Snoopy and Mister Bean cartoons (3 of each).

The resource provides a link to the cartoon, a Bible verse, some thoughts on the Biblical theme, some ideas of things to think about or do and a prayer. The hope is that a parent, friend, grandparent, God parent or guardian will watch the cartoon with the child/ren and then use the resource to discuss the Biblical theme which has been identified.

The resources are available blow for the church to forward to the families that have agreed the church can stay in touch with them (GDPR). The church can, within the email, take the opportunity to invite families to other suitable church events as appropriate.


Click the links below to download a PDF

How to start Faith through Cartoons:

  • Decide who will email on behalf of the church.
  • Obtain consent to keep in touch with families.
  • Find the resources on this page and forward it via email ensuring bcc (blind carbon copy) is used.
  • Introduce the resource to the family the first time it is forwarded, explaining that the families should watch the cartoon with their child, read through the resource, discuss the things to think about, action the things to do and pray the prayer.
  • This resource could also be used in Sunday morning worship settings or church work specifically with Reception or KS1 children.
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