Clergy Discipline Measure 2003

A high standard of integrity and service is expected of our Clergy. Mostly that standard is met, but occasionally individual Clergy can fall short of what is expected. When this occurs there are different ways to respond:

  1. When it is a minor incident or behaviour, you are encouraged to share your disappointment with the clergy person concerned and resolve it together. 
  2. When that is insufficient, a word with the Area Dean or the Archdeacon will lead to someone on the bishop’s staff speaking to the member of the clergy concerned, so that the matter is dealt with and rectified informally. 
  3. If the problem is more serious and may amount to misconduct which warrants disciplinary action, the provisions of the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 may be required. The Measure provides a procedure for handling such complaints of misconduct and refers to any member of clergy, including the Bishop of Worcester or the Bishop of Dudley. Information about the Clergy Discipline process is available here.

At whatever level you are concerned, please be assured that your complaint will be taken seriously.

Penalties under the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003

In accordance with guidance issued by the Clergy Discipline Commission under section 3(3)(b) of the Clergy Discipline Measure and paragraph 263 of the Code of Practice, a Register of Penalties imposed by the Bishop in cases where there has been no Tribunal is kept by the Diocesan Registry. This can be accessed upon application by emailing:

Records of Tribunal decisions can be accessed on the Church of England website.

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