Church Planting and renewal

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Church planting is the process of beginning a new vibrant Christian community in an area that currently lacks one. Renewal projects are about bringing new life to existing congregations. 

Sometimes this is in an area of extensive new housing developments and sometimes it will bring fresh life to an existing church that is struggling. It is often a slow and difficult process that succeeds with a great deal of prayer, faith and patience.

Because almost all of England is already allocated to a parish in the Church of England, each new plant needs to be carefully considered in relation to its existing parish and other local structures. It needs extensive consultation with the bishops, local parishes and other officers that support congregations.

Planting new churches and revitalising existing worshipping communities is a key role for our two resourcing churches, but as we grow as Kingdom People together, other churches may wish look at starting a church plant as a way to transform their community, share hope and make disciples.

Bishop Martin leads of this work for us as a diocese. If you think there is an opportunity for your church to establish a new church plant, please contact him as well as the Archdeacons

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