Inter-faith ministry

The Inter-Faith Resources Group aims to be a bridge between the diocese and other faith groups and communities who are our neighbours.

The Task Group has a number of objectives:

  1. To be a reference point for local and national Inter-Faith networks and to represent the diocese on these bodies.
  2. To gather resources and experience, which can be used in responding to questions and issues that arise e.g. the use of buildings, the religious education of children, cultural sensitivities etc.
  3. To promote greater understanding through courses and conferences made available to parishes (e.g. the "Understanding Islam" course).
  4. To encourage individuals and groups to take advantage of the many opportunities available for further study and encounter, especially in Birmingham.
  5. To promote awareness of the importance of Inter Faith issues across the Diocese.
  6. To respond to invitations to receive hospitality and to reciprocate where possible so that friendly and trusting relationships can be built up between the diocese and other faith communities.
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