Agricultural and rural life

The Chaplaincy for Agriculture and Rural Life (CARL) is a group of people (both ordained and lay) who are knowledgeable and concerned about rural issues and have an interest in working with farmers and other rural groups as an expression of their Christian witness. 

The Christian Church has long been an important institution in the countryside and this remains the case today.

CARL's business is to:

  • Develop knowledge about contemporary countryside matters affecting Worcestershire, especially, but not exclusively, supporting those clergy in the Diocese of Worcester who operate within, or hold an interest in, the rural realm;
  • Advance the Christian faith by illuminating its relevance to understanding the nature and needs of agricultural and rural life in Worcestershire, where necessary working in partnership with relevant commercial, charitable and educational undertakings concerned with promoting economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being.
  • Endeavour, in furtherance of these purposed, to increase awareness amongst the general public, people of faith, groups and organisations of the issues facing agricultural and rural communities.
  • The group can support parishes and schools in connecting with farming and the countryside through signposting to resources or providing contacts.

Regular events organised/supported by CARL include;

  • County Harvest Festival
  • Three Counties Show 
  • CountryTastic
  • Rogation services

CARL events and news can be found on their Facebook page or their website.

Charities and Organisations

CARL works with rural charities that support farming communities, such as the Farming Community Network, RABI and the Addington Fund and provides chaplaincy at the Livestock Market.

It also works with the national rural church resource organisation, the Arthur Rank Centre and with the local tourism group, Go West, which includes educational initiative, Heritage Knights. 

Contact CARL

CARL secretary: Liz Edwards 07726 927046

Chair of CARL: David Morris

Visit their website

If you have something special to say or contribute please contact us. We would love to share your story.

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