Gifts for Everyday Faith

Appreciating God’s gifts, discovering my strengths.

This questionnaire is a first step in our Diocese of Worcester resource Patterns for Kingdom Living, helping to support people’s everyday faith. One important way to discern what God’s dream for your life might be is by looking at what you’re good at, what you care deeply about, and what you enjoy. 

Here you will find a simple questionnaire of 21 questions about you. The answers you provide to the statements there will help you to think through where your gifts are strongest.

Download the questionnaire and guidance as a PDF leaflet to print and fill in by hand. 

The questionnaire is also provided as an Excel spreadsheet you can use in conjunction with the leaflet. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet window. Click on Tab 1 for the questionnaire, and Tab 2 for the scores, after you’ve filled in the questionnaire.

Guidance for both the shorter or longer path is included in the leaflet and the questionnaire, and you won’t need to look at the further resources available here to complete the shorter route. 

If, as we hope, you want to go on the longer journey, then go next to the page on finding a Kingdom Companion.

Page last updated: Friday 12th June 2020 10:48 AM
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