Enabling giving

Where people usually give to the church in cash, it is important to seek ways of enabling them to give by other means:

  • Parish Giving Scheme – Register your church now; new donors can now register to sign up on the phone
  • Web site donation button
  • Text giving

Three online giving platforms

The platforms described below all offer good options for on-line giving at reasonable rates.For information about a wider range of giving platforms and guidance on what to consider please refer to the recently updated information on the Parish Resources Website.



CAF Donate
Set-up / subscription fee None None £15 per month* (inc VAT)

*additional churches in same group / parish £4 per month

Recurring donations
*** Please see note
Yes Yes Yes
Process / transaction fee 3% 3.6%

(3.0% for CAF bank customers)

1.9% +20p

(American Express 2.4%+20p)

Gift Aid Processed on eligible donations (3%) Information provided for d.i.y. or processed for same transaction fee (3.6 / 3.0%) Information provided for d.i.y
Direct Debit Yes 1 set-up fee then 2% to a maximum of £5 per donation £1 set-up fee then 1% to a maximum of £2 per donation
PayPal     1.4% +20p
Offline Giving   Capacity to process donations made by post or phone call  
Comparison of a £10 gift

Gift Aid


Card processing

Total received


£ 2.50

(£0.38) – 3%

£0.00 – 0%




£ 2.50

(£0.45)– 3.6%*

£0.00 – 0%


*less for CAF bank customers and for regular donations





(£0.39) -1.9%+20p


*after the first £15 donation each month

Gift of £100 £121.25 £120.50 £122.43
Good for
  • Lowest fees, particularly on smaller donations
  • Includes collection of gift aid on donations
  • Not for profit organisation
  • Handling both on-line and offline giving
  • Those who are customers of CAF bank
  • Better for larger donations and also getting GADS
  • Churches already using ‘Data Developments’ services
Less good  
  • Higher fees for non CAF bank customers
  • No gift aid service (unless purchased additionally).

Text Giving and other options

Text giving enables people to donate by sending a simple pre-defined text message stating how much they wish to donate.The donation will then appear on their mobile phone bill.Gift Aid can be claimed on these donations through the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS). Donr.com is a good provider; for other possibilities see the Parish Resources Website.

Other useful options to consider are the use of a QR code on the website or taking payments remotely using a contactless device with a smartphone.

For further information on all of these options please click here.

Page last updated: 21st April 2020 10:42 AM
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