Sermon Podcasts


Weekly sermon podcasts are recorded by clergy and laity across the diocese.

You may download and use these as part of your Sunday service if you don't have anyone to preach, or use them as a weekly reflection.

This week's podcast:

Previous podcasts and transcripts (available for 12 months):

5 after Trinity
David Sherwin, Rector of the West Worcestershire Rural Team, 12 July 2020
Open 5 after Trinity

7 after Trinity
Mark Wild, Reader in the West Worcestershire Rural Team, 26 July 2020
Open 7 after Trinity

4 after Trinity
Dave Bruce, Team Rector of The Chase, Malvern, 5 July 2020
Open 4 after Trinity

Trinity 3
Claire Lording, Vicar of Pershore, 28 June 2020
Open Trinity 3

Trinity 2
Paul Irving, Vicar in the Holy Trinity Redditch Team, 21 June 2020
Open Trinity 2

Trinity 1
Laura Handy, Saltway Team Vicar, 14 June 2020
Open Trinity 1

Trinity Sunday
Robert Jones, Archdeacon of Worcester, 7 June 2020
Open Trinity Sunday

John Inge, Bishop of Worcester, Pentecost, 31 May 2020
Open Pentecost

Easter 7
Linda Kitto, a Licensed Lay MInister in Pedmore Parish, 24 May 2020
Open Easter 7

Easter 6
Jonathan Kimber, Director of Ministry and Discipleship, 17 May 2020
Open Easter 6

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