Checklist for Churches

This checklist has been designed to help churches take a ‘health check’ and identify ways in which they can be more effective as signs and agents of God’s Kingdom.

The checklist is part of the booklet created by former Archdeacon Roger Morris called Signs of the Kingdom.

Who should use this checklist?

This is a particularly useful exercise for a Church Council or Leadership Group - helping them to identify the church's future priorities. It can also be used with a whole congregation or at a parish away day.

Beyond undertaking the actual exercise outlined in this book, a church will need to reflect further on what action it is to take and how progress is then to be monitored.

Steps to completing the checklist

The exercise is best undertaken in three hours (with breaks) - perhaps as part of an away day for the PCC or congregation. It can be done in two evening sessions (each around 2 hours long) or in a (shortened) form in one 90 minute session.

  • Do the checklist exercise 
    Introduce the Eight Characteristics then individuals score the church on each of the eight characteristics. This is done individually without conferring.  

  • Create the group checklist 
    Transfer individual scores onto a flipchart to demonstrate the profile of the church.  

  • Reflect on the checklist 
    Identify current strengths as well as what might be holding you back. Notice too any differences in your perceptions. 

  • Identify what needs working on 
    Develop a group list of issues from reflecting on the checklist. This list should highlight clear mission priorities as well as specific areas needing attention. 

  • Take action 
    Having agreed the main areas that need attention, priorities for specific actions need to be identified which will best address the issues raised. A plan of action should be drawn up.


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