Donor Template Letters

The following suggestions are offered to help you compose letters to your regular donors and potential new donors in these difficult times. It is important that such letters are experienced as personal and local, people need to understand that they are being asked to support ministry where they live for the people of their community. Feel free to amend any of the wording; I have highlighted the bits for you to add your own information for your church. Two versions are given below; the second is for churches in vacancy.

If people do contact you with financial worries, be a listening ear, don’t try and tell them it will be alright but do point them to people who can help. A list of these can be found on the diocesan website or by contacting Chris Boden or call 07943 326411.

You will need to consider how people can most easily make their gift and make sure you name the methods available in the words of this letter. Please then add an extra page with all appropriate details; bank details plus text and website giving details as appropriate. If you are able to add live links in the letter that helps too.

Download suggested words  to use in letters to donors by clicking on the links below:

Page last updated: 16th August 2021 2:25 PM
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