QR Code Giving

Lots of new things have been learnt in ‘lockdown’.  Many people are now familiar with using a QR code reader on their phone.  Not only can a QR code be used to give information or record your presence at a location, it can also be used to make a donation. 

Every church can now have a unique QR code which people can use to make a donation directly from their phone to the church bank account.

The QR code can be printed on posters for use inside or outside the building, onto pew sheets or special service sheets, fundraising leaflets or newsletters. They can be added to any printed materials, and you can add specific messages alongside to tell the donor why their donation is important and thank them too.  They can also be added to a church website.

Many people no longer carry cash, but would be happy to be able to use their phone to make a donation.

For more information on how to set up the QR code for your church please visit the Parish Buying website

Page last updated: 20th October 2020 6:53 AM
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