St John, Bromsgrove puts together gift day video

Published: 19th January 2021

It was during the first lockdown that the DCC at St John’s Church in Bromsgrove began discussing the need to raise extra money to help pay parish share. A gift day was suggested, but the idea wasn’t taken forward until Lay Minister Hilda Roxborough put a group together later on in the year.

Hilda said: “Ever since a gift day was first mentioned, I’d felt the Lord was tapping me on the shoulder to get on with it. I gathered a few people together last November and we began planning for Epiphany.”

The group talked about sending letters via email to those on their database as well as preaching on giving. Then the churchwarden came up with the idea of putting together a video.

“He wrote a script and then we all recorded ourselves reading it”, continued Hilda. “Some of us worked in pairs to record each other on our phones. We sent the footage to our churchwarden who edited the video picking out different clips from each of us. He also contacted a local person who had posted some drone footage of the church on YouTube to see if we could use part of the clip for our opening shot.”

In the lead up to the gift day, Hilda preached about gifts and used the notices slot to talk further about St John’s parish share. She also explained that she felt God was asking her to do something about it.  The emails were sent out and the video shown in online services and on the church’s social media platforms.

“We’ve never done a video before and we’ve had lots of compliments about it!” said Hilda. “It was important to me that the gift day request came from a group of parishioners, not the Diocese or from our Vicar Ray, or our Rector. It’s all worked well so far and it really feels as if the Lord was involved – everything came together smoothly. We’re even thinking about what our next video might be because we enjoyed doing it so much!”

St John’s gift day is due to run for another week, but has already raised over £7,000 including gift aid. The video has been viewed over 200 times on Facebook and at least 60 times on YouTube. The team are now looking at how they might follow up from those who have responded who aren’t regular givers to the church as well as encouraging those who have not yet responded.

Watch the Gift Day video

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