Love your neighbour as yourself (Mark 12:31)

Pondering my Pattern

The questions in the sections below are intended only as suggestions and starters for your thinking. You should feel no obligation to work your way through all of them, and for you, the most important question may be one we haven’t included here. Scan the lists below, and give some time and thought to each of the topic areas, and use the provided questions only where you find them helpful.

Seeking God’s kingdom. 

How does my church (and how do I) bear witness to Jesus? How do I pursue justice, care for creation, work for reconciliation, and share the love of God in word and action with those around us?

Living generously. 

How do I live my life outside Sunday worship and outside the immediate circles of church life? Does my life reflect what I say about God being the Maker and Lover of all, the Giver of all good gifts? How do I and my church practice welcome and hospitality? 

Receiving graciously. 

How do I enjoy myself? How do I play? How do I find God’s gift of re-creation? Do I give enough time to myself, to recharge my batteries, renew my friendships, enjoy the company of those who love me, take time for play and leisure?

Some links and resources that might help

An annotated list of resources you can find online which may help you identify a step you wish to take.

Everyday Faith

The Church of England maintains a hub for sharing stories of everyday faith. And don’t forget to search the Diocese of Worcester for stories of local people living out their faith in daily life.
The Church of England Everyday Faith hub.
The Diocese of Worcester Everyday Faith stories.

Daily life – the front line of faith

The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity has been developing a number of resources for Christians wanting to explore their faith in the context of their daily life. 
LICC Resources.

Faith at Work

For those wanting to support others at work, then work-place chaplaincy has much to offer both to its volunteers and to those they support. The Diocese of Worcester works with two chaplaincy organisations.
Faith at Work in Worcestershire.
The Black Country Urban Industrial Mission.

The charity Liveability has a range of helpful resources on how the church engages with vulnerable people in their local community.
Go to the Liveability resources page.

Caring for the Environment

One of the key ways we have committed ourselves in Worcester diocese to engaging with environmental issues is through the EcoChurch initiative.
Read about EcoChurch on the A Rocha website.

Community Action

Churches engage in their communities in many different ways. The Church of England offers a guide to how to get started, together with a range of examples.
The Church of England’s Community Action page.
Inspiring stories of people putting their faith into action.

Sharing Faith

Many of us are uncertain how to talk about our faith, even when we want to. There are a number of courses and resources to help ordinary church members learn how to do this. Take a look at these for starters.

Faith Pictures.
Talking Jesus.

Caring for ourselves

Self care is vital for all of us, yet very under-resourced. On the whole, you may be better making the most of friends and family, of getting out of the house when and if you are able to, of walking away from the computer screen, than looking at online resources. Don’t forget the benefits of physical exercise, even if just building a walk into your daily routine. 

Nonetheless, for some people online resources and community offer valuable ways of looking after oneself. You may want to go back to some of the prayer and worship resources when thinking of self-care: belonging to online prayer spaces can be part of belonging to community. A healthy relationship with God and a healthy awareness of and care for ourselves should (in an ideal world) go together.

All that said, here are a few online resources you might find helpful to explore.

A Church of England post about self-care online.
The Sheldon Hub offers prayer and support for ministers.
The NHS encourages people to care for their mental well-being
MIND offers support, resources and tips.

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