Love the Lord your God (Mark 12:30)

Pondering my Pattern

The questions in the sections below are intended only as suggestions and starters for your thinking. You should feel no obligation to work your way through all of them, and for you, the most important question may be one we haven’t included here. Scan the lists below, and give some time and thought to each of the topic areas, and use the provided questions only where you find them helpful.

Growing in prayer 

How do I take time to be aware of God, and open myself to receive God’s love and grace. In what ways do I build prayer (e.g. intercession, meditation, self-examination, praise, reflection) into my life? Are there patterns, ways or methods I would like to explore? Do I have some space to step outside my normal routines? 

Joining in worship 

How frequently and regularly do I share in worship with other Christians? Do I have a regular pattern for how often I will attend the Eucharist and receive the great gift of Holy Communion? Are there opportunities to pray with others in the week as well as a Sunday, either in person or in an online community?

Deepening faith 

Are there things I do, or would like to do that help deepen my knowledge and understanding of my faith? Might this include a plan of Bible reading, study courses or home groups, online learning, and spiritual or theological reading?

Seeing God at work

How much is God part of my everyday world and life? Where do I see God doing things, or find myself receiving God’s blessing, in my workplace, at the shopping centre, in the street or at home? Are their practices like mindfulness, or reflection with others, which might help me grow more aware of God in daily life?

Some links and resources that might help

An annotated list of resources you can find online which may help you identify a step you wish to take.

Time to Pray

This is a simple form of Daily Prayer from Common Worship. A 12 month subscription costs 99p.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space is inspired by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and is both an app and a website based prayer pattern provided free by the Irish Jesuits.

Reflections for Daily Prayer

A version of the printed booklet of reflections on the Church of England readings for each day. It also includes the text of each Bible reading. A 12 month subscription costs £12.99.


The translators and copyright holders of the New International Version have the searchable text on their website. It also has full audio recording of the whole Bible, and there is a playable link for each passage.


An unusual approach from the University of Nottingham: a series of videos on each book of the Bible (and more) described as “a curious assortment of academic insights into what is probably the most famous collection of books in history.”

London Institute of Contemporary Christianity

This site offers a range of resources to help people grow in faith, with a particular emphasis on living out what we believe in everyday life.

Bishop’s Certificate

Our own diocesan course for people wanting to get a really good grasp of the basics of Bible and Belief. Groups are offered every year in different areas around the diocese.
Find out more.


DiscipleKit is a searchable online directory of courses and programmes for adults, young people and children, provided by the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS).


The Pilgrim Course comes in two flavours: one for people growing in the early stages of faith, leading towards confirmation, and one for people growing into deeper faith after confirmation. It is designed for group study.

Holy Habits

Holy Habits is a way of life for those exploring or already actively living out the call of Jesus to ‘follow me’. It identifies 10 aspects of discipleship and provide study resources for each of them.

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