Volunteer Hospitality Providers at St Martin, Worcester


St Martin in the Cornmarket (also known as Old St Martin’s) needs volunteers to help it provide a friendly welcome to visitors.

Situated in Worcester city centre, this Church is a gem that visitors are amazed about when they discover it. We are undergoing a redevelopment project that is transforming our entire site - church building and grounds - into a beautiful and welcoming location.

Volunteer Posts

We need volunteers to help us by providing a welcome together with simple hospitality (hot drinks and snacks). Arrangements are flexible.


If this is something you’d like to find out about please contact the vicar, The Revd Colin Butler at fr.colin.osm@gmail.com or phone 07754 011074. Please visit our website at stmartininthecornmarket.co.uk.


(Thumbnail image by Philip Halling)

Page last updated: 9th July 2020 9:57 AM
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