Clergy Vacancies

Upcoming Clergy Vacancies 

The Diocese of Worcester is committed to mission in every aspect, seeking to bring the good news of God's love in Jesus to all who live in the cities, towns and villages of our richly diverse diocese, and to make the gospel relevant to their everyday lives. 

Every congregation is encouraged to reflect deeply on what the Kingdom of God might look like in their situation and work together to build it. Bishop John has identified love, compassion, justice and freedom as the Kingdom values which set the tone for mission and outreach. 

Any clergy vacancies will be advertised via this page and as a diocese we follow the recruitment process set out below. If you wish to discuss any vacancies, please contact the Archdeacons

Recruitment to vacancies
1. Background
In 2019 the diocese began a process of restructuring, which covered a wide range of issues, including clergy deployment, DBF staffing and diocesan finances. The Diocesan Restructuring Group (DRG) was charged also with looking at pastoral reorganisation - including number and composition of deaneries - with the aim of promoting healthy, sustainable and growing churches across the diocese. To achieve this aim it will be a priority to endeavour to appoint clergy strategically.
2. The Appointment Process
As soon as a parochial vacancy which is planned to be filled arises, it will be listed as a forthcoming vacancy on the diocesan website. The Bishop will consult others (see Section 7, below) to assess the needs of the parish and the wider area. In the first instance, stipendiary curates in training who have been identified as ready to move to a post of independent responsibility will be invited to express interest. The Bishop may ask the parish to consider such curates as initial candidates before advertising more widely. Curates may then apply for the post, and any shortlisted curates will be invited to interview, as initial candidates. If no appointment is made, or no suitable curate applies, the post would be advertised more widely. Those involved in shortlisting and in interviewing (who will include some or all of the following: Bishop, Archdeacon, Area Dean, Deanery Lay Chair, Parish Representatives, Patrons etc) will have local knowledge of both the applicants and the parish in vacancy; they will also have the data and the recommendations of the DRG.
3. Failure to Appoint
If no appointment is made, the Bishop, in consultation with others, will decide either to advertise nationally or to identify a potential candidate, usually from within the diocese. The candidate will be invited to make an application and will be interviewed in the usual way.
4. Final Vacancy (Section 11) Meetings
Parochial Church Councils (at their final vacancy [Section 11] meetings) will still be able to ask the Bishop or Patron to consider advertising the post nationally. Where the decision rests with the Bishop he will give consideration to any such requests, but will be looking for reasons sufficient to justify a change from the process set out in this document, rather than simply the expression of a general preference.
5. Clergy Initiative
Clergy in the diocese will be encouraged, particularly through the Ministerial Development Review system, to advise the Bishop when they believe they are ready for a move, together with any specific reasons why they are seeking a move within the diocese. Clergy from other dioceses who wish to move to the Diocese of Worcester for family or pastoral reasons will continue to have the opportunity to register their wish to move into the diocese with the Bishop.
6. Patronage
7. Consultation
- The Bishop’s Staff
- Archdeacon of Dudley, Diocesan Leader for Transformation and Change
- Area Deans
- Deanery Lay Chairs

Vicar Benefice of Norton & Wollaston
We seek a vicar with a love for Jesus and a heart for worship and church growth, to lead our two churches on the edge of Stourbridge in the next stage of our life together. We are committed to growing as kingdom people, and look forward with hope to exciting possibilities emerging in a new deanery where collaborative working is encouraged.
Open Vicar Benefice of Norton & Wollaston

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