6. Resourced and released to minister to others.

When Jesus proclaimed at the beginning of his ministry that the Kingdom of God is at hand he did not expect his listeners to sit about and wait for it to appear.

He wanted them to embody it.

Each of us within the body of Christ has God-given gifts and a calling to witness and minister in Christ’s name. We must ensure that we discern how God wants us to use our gifts in His service and seek His power to do so.

There is no more fulfilling way to spend our lives.

Open to the Spirit’s leading

A conscious effort to discern God’s priorities and an openness to being guided is essential.

God uses all sorts of people with all kinds of different gifts and experiences. The people who welcome, lead prayers of intercession and administer the sacraments should reflect this diversity.

Mutual support and accountability

Many churches now have a variety of different staff meetings and gatherings so that everyone is able to exercise their ministry within a supportive and affirming framework.


Jesus told his disciples to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more labourers into the field (Matthew 9: 38).

Call Waiting ( callwaiting.org.uk) has been designed to help churches pray for and promote vocations as well as offer guidance and inspiration to individuals.

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