5. Devoted to growing deeply as disciples, offering our time, talents and money to God

Conversion is not a one-off but a continuous process. If we are to find the abundance of life which God yearns to give us in Jesus and share that life with others, we need continually to turn to God.

Becoming a disciple is a lifetime's task as we share ever more fully in His will for us. It happens through both grace and discipline. It requires commitment to the life of prayer, to study of the scriptures and to receiving the sacrament in public worship. It requires sacrificial giving of our time, talents and money.

Discipleship training

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (www.licc.org.uk) has some very good resources and courses to equip Christians and churches for ‘whole"life discipleship’ in the world.

Helped to grow

All Christians need to be encouraged to grow and develop in their discipleship. Churches need to ask whether they are putting their resources into ministries that help people become more like Christ, or whether they are just keeping people busy.

Responding generously to a generous God

The generous giving of time, energy and resources can be encouraged through good stewardship teaching. Material such as the Giving for Life can be useful.

Further resources for PCCs can be found here.

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