2. Renewed and transformed by regular worship

Prayer needs to be not only individual but corporate. From the very beginning Christians met together on the first day of the week for the breaking of the bread and for the prayers.

Churches should be schools of virtue in which we seek God’s grace and encourage one another in faith, hope and love. Our relationship with the true vine must be nurtured by regular praise and receiving of holy communion.


Our attitude to worship determines to some extent what we get out of it. If we come to worship hoping and expecting to be drawn deeper into fellowship with God, then a rich and life" giving encounter will often take place.

Expresses the whole of life

The church should be alert to the live issues of the local community, the nation and the world. Those conducting services or leading the prayers of intercession need to be alert to some of the things that will be weighing on the hearts and minds of those who will be attending worship.

Worship should reflect the great themes of justice, holiness of life, generosity and compassion.

Reflection and stillness

Time and space should be given during the service for silence and reflection. Some churches announce a time of quiet preparation before the service begins (as a kind of ‘decompression zone’ that allows people to prepare for entering worship).


At the Transfiguration, Peter says to Jesus that it is good for them to be there (Mark 9:5). There is a lot to be said for his simple recognition that it is good to be present where Christ is being glorified.

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